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Life Bar

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A completed Life Bar in Bad Fur Day.

The Life Bar measures Conker's health in the Conker series. It is represented by Acorns in Conker's Pocket Tales and the cancelled Twelve Tales: Conker 64 and by Chocolate in Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker: Live & Reloaded and Conker's Big Reunion.

The acorn-based Life Bar in Pocket Tales and Twelve Tales can be replenished by numerous Acorns, whereas the chocolate-based Life Bar in Bad Fur Day only takes up to six Chocolates. The icon displays at the top-left corner in every game if Conker is hit by an enemy.

In Pocket Tales, if Conker gets an Acorn, the Life Bar briefly displays and shows the Acorn total. By default, whenever the game is restarted, Conker has four Acorns in his life bar. A similar event happens in Bad Fur Day—when Conker collects an Chocolate (and is missing at least one Chocolate), the Life Bar pops up and shows the Chocolate being added to it.

In the Game Boy version of Conker's Pocket Tales, the life bar is represented by units of an Acorn, and every four units form an entire Acorn on the HUD (similar to Pieces of Heart in The Legend of Zelda series). Conker starts his journey with four Acorn units. If Conker has two or fewer Acorns and the player restarts the game, the total is reset to two Acorn units, resulting in only half an Acorn being displayed on the life bar. If Conker has three or more Acorn units of health, they are retained whenever the game is restarted.

Twelve Tales has a unique Life Bar icon that displays an Acorn on a tree branch; the Acorn is green but gradually chips and loses color if Conker loses energy. For instance, if Conker lost half of his health, the Life Bar shows an orange-brown Acorn. The Life Bar looked slightly different later in development, and had faint lines drawn on its acorn. Earlier builds of the game display the number of Acorns that fuel the Life Bar.