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Vulture Culture

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Conker is in a tipi with a Vulture Culture tribesman

Vulture Culture is a group of characters in Conker's Pocket Tales.


The Vulture Culture is a Native American-like tribe of Acorn friends found in Vultureville. There are about five of them, each of whom have their own tipi pitched out in the Outta Town area, though some of the tents do not presently have a tribesman. Every member of the Vulture Culture has identical dialogue.


Conker's Pocket Tales

When Conker first visits any of the Vulture Culture tribesmen in Conker's Pocket Tales, they greet him with a blank stare. However, once Conker has cleared the Bank Shootout sub-game, he can go to the Sheriff, who tells him that the Vulture Culture can possibly help him find Berri. At this time, if Conker talks to any other Acorn friend, they say "Vulture Culture? Best head outta town", hinting at the Vulture Culture's whereabouts.

During this event, when Conker talks to any of the Vulture Culture tribesmen, they say that they do not know about Berri, but can help him recover his Presents. They offer to give him a mask in exchange for gold. Later, after clearing the Gold Panning sub-game, Conker returns to a Vulture Culture tribesmen with the gold he obtained, only to hear that the Evil Acorn had stolen the mask. The tribesman instead takes the gold in exchange for removing the stone blockage up north, where the battle against Sol and Luxo takes place. Conker finally obtains the mask once he defeats both vultures.