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Prune Juice

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“Hmmm, tastes a bit odd.”
Daisy (upon tasting Prune Juice)
The Prune Juice is released from the tap.

Prune Juice is an object in Conker's Bad Fur Day and the Xbox remake Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Location and uses

Prune Juice is a drink that appears in the Poo Cabin. Upon entering the grassy field with Bugger Lugs, Conker goes up a wooden pathway and reaches a giant tap at. He runs on a circular pad atop it, causing prune juice to come out.

Later, when a target opens the wooden gate, Daisy walks out. Conker realizes he must try and get her to drink the Prune Juice. When Conker rams Bugger Lugs into Daisy, she loses her appetite and decides to taste the Prune Juice. Daisy describes it as "cranberry-flavored" and the taste "a bit odd". She disregards the flavor and drinks more. Suddenly, she gets severe diarrhea (which she calls the "screaming shits"), and she stops drinking and runs to the grate and continues to defecate down it.