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Bazooka (Conker: Live & Reloaded)

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“Specialist heavy weapon available only to the Demolisher. Standard missiles fire directly ahead, the Fire & Forget type automatically locks onto air targets, while the Guided-missile upgrade uses an on-board camera for maximum accuracy.”
From the game manual
“Demolishers lug the mighty Bazooka around with ease. The Bazooka fires both dumb rockets and guided rockets, but any rocket blows the heck out of you just the same. Who's dumb then?”
Community Conker site
“Fires guided and unguided rockets. Both kinds blow the $#!t(Shit) out of you.”
Community Conker site
An Bazooka from the Old War.
A Bazooka from the Future War.

The bazooka is a weapon in Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Location and uses

The bazooka is the main weapon of the Demolisher class. It is the most dangerous non-upgrade orb exclusive weapon, though having a downside of having to reload every fired shot and a slow reload. Like other weapons, it has alternate three fire modes, "Standard mode", "Fire and forget mode" and when collected an upgrade orb gains access to "Guided mode". it has one achievement upgrade, which makes his guided missiles go faster.

In the Old War, it has a green paint shield for protection and what's interesting is it seems to have a scope that is probably to see outside the out of the shield which seems to have a turn-style maybe to zoom in or out. and has a shoulder grip to probably maintain stabilization. It seems to be very used and old due to having rust. The new war, has a lot of black and silver colors, theirs two buttons which may suggest it switches towards the two fire modes, it has a clip-on top which suggests it auto loads itself and might able to be taken off to load more rockets in. theirs also seems to have a meter on it, its unknown if its ammo supply or an overheating. And in addition to a scope which been relocated to the left side but seems to have a laser sight on it which might either guide the guided missiles and fire and forget rounds or just a laser sight to aim more accurately.

The bazooka has the following firing modes:

  • Standard: Fires a standard rocket, it is very basic and will be most of your workforce of this weapon.
  • Fire and forget: Fires a homing rocket, that can target the sky jockey's vehicles it's only useful on only three maps due to being the ones that have vehicles and being allowed to select the sky jockey.
  • Guided: When collecting an Upgrade orb, it will make your rockets to be able to be controlled, though it takes a long time to reload due to setting up the rocket. it's most useful when on a place where you can fire off rockets safely and out of the battle field.

For the Old War, it seems to be conflicting due to the heavy green on it while the main weapon is based on the German panzerschreck, though it may be possible the SHC might have stolen Tedi's panzerschreck design for use for their own or it's due to game's design of not making two designs on two sides, so its most likely a Tediz's device. The future war, like the other devices that look like, is a Machine Tedi's device.


  • The weapon's model is similar to the model that was going to be used in Conker: Live & Uncut's upgraded weapon form which might be a carry-over due to the model and the ability to use guided missiles.
  • The ability to use guided missiles first started out with unreal tournament's redeemer.
  • According to the old Concept art for Live and uncut's The future war's Bazooka has few details that are different, firstly no ammo clip could not be seen while the final one has them and the gun barrel the concept art has more details like screws, the two most notable ones are their spikes on the scope and their a writing/markings on it that say "Noob" the final game omits these two details.