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Spray Can

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The Spray Can is an ability that every class uses in the Xbox Live & Co. mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded. Pressing the Left Trigger causes a character to do a spraying animation, and the image of their choice appears there. Before Xbox Live was decommissioned, the jade, bronze, silver, and onyx could have been earned that would unlock more spray images to choose from. The spray can serve no use but to taunt the enemy players.



  • The spraycan's brand is Sprayo.
  • In the debug build, there were 5 sprays that were scrapped.
  • The Chalk outline spray is a reference to one of the promo magazines where a Tedi has been murdered.
  • The Gun Tedy spray may be a tribute to the original Bad Fur Day version and the Live & Uncut due to how it is styled.

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