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Conker swimming toward a Clang

Clangs[1][2] are underwater fish-like enemies in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded. Only three appear in the game, in the Clang's Lair location of the Bats Tower chapter.


Clangs have a large green eye and a protective, spiked metallic shell. The shell has an opening at the top, which appear to function as its eyelids or mouth. Clangs are similar to Clang Goblings from their name and the metallic armor that they wear.

Like most enemies, if a Clang notices Conker, it approaches Conker and tries to attack him. It does so by biting its shell onto Conker, causing him to lose a piece of his Life Bar. Clangs continuously move up and down the narrow tunnels in Clang's Lair. Clangs are invulnerable to attack, so therefore Conker must avoid Clangs. If his Helmet has a battery in it, Conker can shine the Helmet into a Clang's eye to temporarily stun it.


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