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Sky Jockey

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“A class of extremes. Essentially unremarkable on the ground and initially lacking in any kind of specialist ability beyond their pilot training, the Sky Jockeys really come into their own when give access to a Steed or Mule 52, as no other class can handle either of these airborne vehicles. Widespread carnage frequently ensues. ”
From the game manual
An SHC Sky Jockey from Future War

Sky Jockeys are a class in Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Sky Jockeys appear only in the Xbox Live & Co. mode. Their only armament is a pair of weak DP500 pistols, which can be set to fire in bursts or single concentrated shots. Their only grenade is a magnova. They are the only class that can use flying vehicles, giving them an unprecedented advantage on maps with air vehicles. They carry an arc weld to repair their vehicles, and a parachute so that they can bail out if need be, or jump safely from a great height. They also receive the infravision ability with an upgrade, which is nearly identical to that of the long ranger.


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