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Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Paintbrush
Color Green
Eye color Black

Reg is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Physical traits

Reg is a green paintbrush with red paint on his bristles, likely from Ron, who is a can of red paint. His two eyes and mouth are on his handle. In Live & Reloaded, the number "12" is on the bottom of his handle, referencing a 12-inch brush. Another change is his ferrule says "Hog hair".


Reg is a verbally-abusive paintbrush who lives in a barn. He is always seen by Ron's side, and collectively make a pair of a paintbrush and paint pot. Both often say offensive things toward characters and mock them, specifically Conker and Franky, who in addition is bossed around by the duo. Reg often repeats Ron's dialogue, to his annoyance.


In the Barn Boys chapter, when Conker enters the barn, Ron and Reg tell Franky to kick Conker's ass, and claim it is his turn. Franky argues that it is always his turn, but the duo still insist; Reg even states that he cannot kick ass because he is a paintbrush.

After Franky fails to beat up Conker, Ron and Reg tell him they found it terrible. Reg labeled it "abysmal" and called Franky a "stupid bastard". He suggests that Franky hang himself, to which he questions what kind of friends they are. When Franky hangs himself, both laugh at him because he has no neck.

After Conker leaves the barn, the Haybot hops from the top and onto the ground level. The duo are terrified of him and provide no response when he says a few things to them.

When Franky is rescued, Ron and Reg criticize Conker for freeing him. Ron asks him, "What'd you do that for?", to which Reg repeats. Ron starts a brief discussion with Reg asking why he repeats everything he says. Reg does not notice doing so. When Franky claims that being hung is comparable to an execution, Conker turns his head to Ron and Reg, imagining them in execution outfits, and then sees them normally.

After Franky calls Conker his "bestest buddy", Ron and Reg laugh at him. Conker gets mad, goes for the duo, and sticks Reg inside of Ron. This silences both of them.

Ron and Reg, along with a few other characters that Conker met on his journey, are seen a last time in the throne room of the Panther King's Castle, after Conker defeats Heinrich. Ron and Reg originally laugh about him becoming king, and Ron claims he couldn't be "king of a toilet". Reg repeats this, only to be told off by Ron. One of the Weasel Guards says, "Long live the king!", followed by Franky saying it second, and then Ron and Reg. After being told off a fourth and final time, Reg claims he was repeating Franky. Eventually, every character (except Conker) chant it. Likewise, the duo are also seen in the opening cutscene at Conker's throne.