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Swimming Race

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Conker is about to cross the finish line

Swimming Race[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Location and rules

The Swimming Race is hosted by an Acorn friend on the Mako Islands. It involves Conker and Honker competing in a 100m freestyle swimming race. The reward for winning is a rudder, which is one of the four items that Ted needs to create a boat for Conker.

Conker and Honker each swim on the left and right side of the pool respectively. A line in the middle of the pool separates them from overlapping each other. A timer is shown at the bottom-right of the screen. Every couple of seconds, while Conker is swimming, the game shows a notice that says "breathe", and Conker stops swimming and lies on his side. The HUD at the bottom of the screen has the same arrows as in Hurdles Race and Long Jump that indicate Conker's speed. The player must repeatedly press A Button or B Button for Conker take in a breath of air before he can continue swimming. Every ten meters has a banner with a number (always ending in a zero) that shows how far Conker and Honker have swam. Like the other racing sub-games, Conker wins if he is first to cross the finish line.

The Game Boy version has differences that are similar or identical to those in Hurdles Race, including the timer having a different font, both Conker's and Honker's final times being shown at the end, and the sub-game not ending automatically if Honker wins but only once Conker also crosses the finish line. Unlike the Game Boy Color version, which depicts the distance banners, start line, and finish line as a horizontal red line, the Game Boy version instead shows the swimming distance marks and finish line in small rectangles to the left. The finish sign says "End" instead of "Finish", and there is to starting line.

The background shows several Acorn friends witnessing the race from both sides of the pool, although not in the Game Boy version.


  • +Control Pad (left and right): Accelerate
  • A Button or B Button: Come up for air (when prompted)


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 15): "Increase your swimming speed by rapidly wiggling the + Control Pad ← and →, pressing the A or B Button to come up for air when prompted."



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