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Fire Imp

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Fire Imp
Fire Imp.png
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Goblings
Color Red
Eye color Yellow (sclera)
Black (pupils)
“Light up the furry guy!”
Fire Imp

Fire Imps are an enemy in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Fire Goblins are profane Goblins made of fire. They have a rude and irritating personality. They mostly spend their time by smoking, drinking, and swearing at each other. They are also known for their trademark annoying, maniacal laughter that they let out a lot. As their name implies, Fire Imps have flames on them. They have pointed ears, fangs,


Conker urinates on two Fire Imps.

Fire Imps appear only in the boiler room of Clang's Lair in the Bats Tower chapter. When Conker first enters the Boiler Room, two Fire Imps are below him at a giant keg containing alcohol. The first one is on the left is smoking a joint, while the second one is on the right is drinking alcohol. The second one asks for a joint, to which the first one says "fuck off", and vice versa (with the first asking for a tab). Both of them then laugh.

Conker jumps on the ground, and both Fire Imps notice him. One of them calls him "furry guy" and describes him as potentially flammable. The other Fire Imp says that he likes flammable, and asks what to do. The second Fire Imp says they should hide, and to put away the tab. The first one places the tab in his butt. Then they zoom past Conker and into the main area.

There, Conker encounters the two Fire Imps plus some more. make fun of Conker, while laughing and saying "Light up the furry guy!". They also sneak up on Conker and burn him; his tail is lit on fire for a few seconds. The Fire Imps also make a giant ball come up underneath Conker and continue laughing as he tries to retain balance.

To fight the Fire Imps, Conker must go on the B Pad in front of the keg. He drinks a lot of alcohol and becomes drunk. Conker can then urinate on the Fire Imps to extinguish them. The player can hold the Z button for a better aim. When a Fire Imp is extinguished, it turns gray and vanishes. Conker must urinate on eight Fire Imps until the last two are left (likely the same ones from an earlier cutscene when Conker enters the area).

The last two Fire Imps hop in The Big Big Guy. After some crashing inside, the Fire Imps start him up with a key (like how a person would start a car), and they argue over who controls him. The Big Big Guy urges them to calm down, and one of the Fire Imps describes his voice as "poncey, like an English person". One of the Fire Imps tells the other to press a button, which causes The Big Big Guy to grow brass bollocks.

After Conker knocks off its balls, The Big Big Guy collapses face-first on the ground. The two Fire Imps are stuck inside as the normal door is blocked off by the ground. One suggests exiting from the back, which the other Fire Imp advises against because it is the "back passage". Then one of them presses the self-destruct button by mistake and are blown out of The Big Big Guy. Just like earlier, the two Fire Imps run around the main area. Conker must avoid them while he attempts to escape the area.

A Fire Imp is also seen by the fireplace in The Cock and Plucker when the player selects the Cheats menu. It even has a couple of lines in dialogue.


These quotes are from the cheats menu:

  • "And what I can do is for you is..." (When the player enters the Cheats menu)
  • "Yep, that'll do." (If the player enters a valid cheat)
  • "You got it." (Alternate line from entering a valid cheat)
  • "You cheatin' bastard" (If the player enters too many cheats)
  • "Oh, pftt. Chaarming.." (If the player inputs a profane word)
  • "Hey, that wasn't very nice. WAS IT!?" (Alternate line from inputting a profane word)
  • "No." (If the player enters an invalid cheat)
  • "Somebody told you the wroong cheat." (Alternate line from entering an invalid cheat)
  • "Didn't work first time, ain't gonna work a second time, dipshit." (If the player enters another invalid cheat)
  • "Given up already, huh?" (If the player re-enters the Cheats menu a third time without entering a cheat)
  • "See ya." (If the player exits the Cheats menu)
  • "Adiós amigo!" (Alternate line from exiting the Cheats menu)


  • The song that plays while Conker urinates on the Fire Imps is reused from Twelve Tales: Conker 64, when Conker uses the zipline. This theme is also used in Bad Fur Day when Conker rides on Mr. Barrel.