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Count Batula's Mansion

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The exterior of Count Batula's Mansion in Conker's Bad Fur Day

Count Batula's Mansion is a location in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Features and overview

It is a haunted mansion owned by Count Conkula. It consists of a few large rooms, including a dining room, a library room, and a grinder room. There is a graveyard behind Count Batula's Mansion. The pathway to the mansion is narrow and above an endless abyss, and is guarded by skeletal Earthworms.

Most of the Spooky chapter takes place within the mansion. After Conker enters the mansion, Count Conkula offers him a meal. When the Villagers storm into the mansion, Count Conkula bites Conker, who later wakes up as a bat. Count Batula, the vampire bat form of Count Conkula, instructs Conker to pick up Villagers and drop them into the grinder for him to eat. After being fed seven Villagers, Count Batula becomes too overweight, falls into the grinder below, and dies. Conker transforms back into his usual form, and has to find three keys hidden within Count Batula's Mansion, while fighting off Zombies along the way, to unlock the large front door in the foyer. After doing this, Conker hops onto Mr. Barrel and rides on him down the narrow path outside of the mansion.