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A close-up view of the Rifle (note that this is the third variation)

The rifle is a weapon in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Location and uses

This weapon is seen carried by the Security Guards in the Heist chapter, and by multiple SHC infantry in the It's War chapter, where it is also the Tediz's main weapon. Interestingly, there are three different models for the same weapon - the SHC one has no covering for the barrel and seems to have a bigger barrel, while the Tediz's model has a no top part, making the gun flat and making it look like an MP5, keeping the barrel the same but having an additional bayonet on it which they will use to stab Conker if they get too close or try to ambush him. The one Security Guards carry in the Heist has the original model with no modifications done to it.

An SHC soldier near a Rifle

In Multi, the Rifle appears in two War maps, Deathmatch and Heist. This weapon has two uses; the first one is that it can be used as a poor man's sniper rifle due to its steadiness, by making use of the R Button trigger to control fire, meaning that pressing the Z Button button once will shoot it once, making it useful to score headshots from far away. The second one is that it can be used as poor man's uzis, since tapping the Z Button multiple times in rapid secession will make it shoot faster, making it a more aggressive but less accurate weapon that also has to be reloaded more.


  • The weapon seems to be inspired either by the Colt Commando or the M16 due to both being similar.
  • The weapon was planned to return in the early version of Conker: Live & Reloaded, Conker: Live & Uncut, but it looked more like an AK-47 rather than M16. The upgraded version is more ambiguous, since it seems to allow the player to shoot out grenades, which the M16 does support with a grenade launcher attachment.
  • The weapon was seen in a render for the Tedi Demolisher, though it is unknown whether he was just given a weapon hold on to while the Bazooka was being made, or that the Tedi Demolisher was supposed to have the AK-47 weapon from the start.
  • The internal script files of Live & Reloaded mention MP_AK47, though it is unknown which class it would have corresponded to. Most likely, it could have been for either the Demolisher or the scrapped Engineer class.
  • In the mockumentary of Live & Reloaded, "Conker: Celebrity Squirrel", the Security Guards carry AK-47s, which suggests they recolored them to grey to make them look like M16s in the final game.