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Schizoid Cog

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Schizoid Cog
Schizoid Cog Carl CBFD art.jpg
The Schizoid Cog's verbally personality, Carl.
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Cog
Color Gray (Bad Fur Day)
Yellow (Live & Reloaded)
Eye color Black pupils and yellow sclera (Carl) or white sclera (Quentin) (Bad Fur Day)
Light blue pupils and white sclera (Live & Reloaded)
“Either bring me back me missing cogs, or fuck off!”
Schizoid Cog (Carl)
“Yes, and I think you'll find your little problem outside has been thoroughly taken care of.”
Schizoid Cog (Quentin)

The Schizoid Cog[1] is a recurring character in the Conker franchise.


The Schizoid Cog is a cog who literally has two split personalities. Both of the personalities, Carl and Quentin have a pair of eyeballs, and they share a mouth. Carl is the vulgar, abrasive, and aggressively machismo personality who smokes a stogy. He also speaks in a Scottish accent. Quentin is polite and refined and speaks in a posh voice. He is an implicit homosexual, as shown from his dialogue. Quentin smokes a different type of cigarette from a long, black stick. Both characters are distinguishable from their facial expressions and cigarette. The Schizoid Cog only has one personality active at a time, while the other sleeps upside-down. Carl is the most active personality.

The Schizoid Cog's body and eye color were changed in Conker: Live & Reloaded. His body was originally silver, and Carl's eyeballs were yellow and Quentin's were white. Both of them had black pupils. In the remake, the Schizoid Cog's body was changed to yellow, and both personalities have white eyeballs with sky blue pupils.


Conker's Bad Fur Day

Conker encounters the Schizoid Cog in the "Cogs Revenge" portion of the Bats Tower chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day. His personality Carl speaks to Conker and demands him to return the cogs or "fuck off". Conker gets mad at his insults, and he spins the Schizoid Cog around. He meets his other personality, Quentin, who flirts with Conker and calls him "handsome". He also requests Conker to return the cogs but for a different reason: Quentin claims that his life is already a "misery" (likely because of Carl). He is flipped back around by Carl who scolds Quentin.

The Lady Cogs fled from Carl because of his sexually abusive nature. This fact is never explicitly stated but gradually receives more implication. After Conker puts the first Lady Cog face-first on a post beneath the Schizoid Cog, Carl experiences sexual pleasure (in a reference to fellatio). Conker realizes the Lady Cog was facing backward, and turns her around, which angers Carl.

After Conker places the other two Lady Cogs on posts, he must run on a stone wheel, which makes Mr. Big Cog, the Schizoid Cog, and the Lady Cogs spin. They all spin very fast, and the Schizoid Cog flies off its post. The Lady Cogs jump off and beat him up as revenge. The Schizoid Cog is placed frontward on Mr. Big Cog. When Carl wakes up from his unconscious state, he is upset because he is sodomized from being placed on Mr. Big Cog's post. Carl retreats and the Schizoid Cog turns around to Quentin, who describes Mr. Big Cog as "delicious". He tells Conker that his "little problem outside" was resolved (referring to the Dogfish, who was somehow tethered by a rope).

Conker: Live & Reloaded

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