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Long Jump

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Conker jumps a distance of 5.83m, which is enough to pass

Long Jump[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Location and rules

Long Jump is hosted by an Acorn friend in the Mako Islands. It is a simple long jump minigame in which Conker has to jump a distance of at least 5.00m beyond the line. Conker's sprites are also used in another sub-game, Hurdles Race, which also has a nearly identical background. The reward for clearing Long Jump is the propeller, one of the four parts that Ted needs to make Conker a boat, and a Present.

Like Hurdles Race, repeatedly pressing left and right on the +Control Pad are used to have Conker build up speed, which is indicated by arrows on the screen. Once Conker reaches the line, the player must hold either A Button or B Button to adjust Conker's angle, which can go up to 90 degrees, and then release to have him jump that distance. If Conker either jumps before crossing the line, jumps at too high of an angle, gets a foul from running past the line, or fails to meet the required distance, he loses.

In the Game Boy version, Conker has to jump at least 5.35m instead, and can only jump up to 61 degrees. The player has to continue holding A Button or B Button and continue to wiggle left and right on the +Control Pad in order for Conker to jump far enough and meet the required distance. In this version, the font for both the angle and distance are different and smaller, and the distance is only shown after Conker jumps. The finish line is also smaller and does not span across the screen, but rather stands vertically to the left of Conker's path.


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 15): "Get a running start by quickly wiggling the + Control Pad ← and →. When you hit the line, hold down the A or B Button to increase the angle of your jump, then let go and wiggle ← and → to jump as far as possible.



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