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Conker urinating on two Fire Imps.

Urinating[citation needed] is an ability in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Urine is an ability that Conker can use by standing underneath a keg (in a context-sensitive moment) and drink the alcohol from it. This causes him to become drunk. To start peeing, the player must press B Button, which they can press again to stop. To aim the urine more accurately, the player must press Z Button (or RT on Xbox). Eventually, Conker runs out of urine, and to replenish his supply, Conker must take a Seltzer Tablet to become sober, and then get drunk again.

There are only two instances where Conker uses this move: the first time is in the Bats Tower chapter, where he must extinguish some Fire Imps before the boss fight against The Big Big Guy, and the second time is during the Uga Buga chapter. During Uga Buga, Conker must urinate on some Rock'ards in the Rock Solid club, causing them to curl up into a ball. Conker must urinate to guide the Rock'ards down one of the three tunnels, one of which takes them down to Berri's cage. If Conker stops urinating on a Rock'ard for even a second, it goes to Conker and beats him up, then vomits on him. This does not happen after the Rock'ard rolls down a tunnel.