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“Allows for no-nonsense heavy warfare in the hands of a Demolisher. While slow and unwieldy, its appalling destructive power can't be denied.”
From the game manual
“The Tankus is heavily armored, slow, and sports massive twin cannons. Blow the enemy to $@#!(Shit!) or run them down beneath the massive treads.”
Community Conker site
“Twin barrels of mass destruction. Run over anything you miss with the cannons.”
Community Conker site
An Tankus from the Old War.

The Tankus is a unique vehicle for the Demolisher class, having two cannons makes it a very dangerous vehicle to fight against, and it's very durable against bullets but having two downsides of being very slow making the vehicle subjectable to explosives or getting shot in the gas tank which is from behind and having terrible aim meaning you have to get to a medium range.

General Infomation


In the Old War, having a green paint job with various stickers like a smiley face and a radar system of some kind, it has the number 305 and seems to have a loading mechanism to load the tank shells in, and its fuel tank is seems to be very protected having frames. The future war is heavily distant keeping the radar system and loading mechanism but having a higher base on the main cannon and treads and having a silver coloring.

Possible Orgin

For old war, it seems to be an SHC creation due to having a green paint scheme and being based on various British mark tanks from World War 1. While the Future War might be a Machine Tedi invention due to having a heavy basis on silver and being more technologically advanced than the Old War tanks.

Tips & Tricks

Using the Tankus

  • Camp the spawns by parking the tank by the outside of the base and shooting the enemy as they try leaving on foot. - Bat conker


  • According to the script files there was meant to be an alt ammo for the tankus where it can shoot missiles most likely to take down flying vehicles but ended up having one ammo type.
  • The Future tankus is inspired by terminator's Hunter killer tank due to the design.