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Not to be confused with Beach Dead.
Gameplay as a Frenchy

Beach is one of the Multi modes in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Location and rules

Beach allows for up to four players can play. It involves a brief journey of the Frenchies having to pass through a Tediz base during an escape back to Paris. The player can either play as a Tedi or take control of the Frenchies, one at a time. The gameplay is based on the perspective of either side. The layout is a modified version of the Colors map.

The player can set the winning score at a number ranging from 1-40. The time limit can be altered from 3-10 minutes, or unlimited when gameplay only stops when a team gets a winning score. The AI difficulty level is also a selectable option.

Frenchy Side

A Frenchy in the starting area

Before the gameplay starts, The Sarge appears inside a boat with some Frenchies, providing them with instructions during their "last push" back to Paris. The Sarge instructs the Frenchies to go off the boat and continue by themselves on the beach.

The player controls one Frenchy at a time. Their objective is to enter through either the left or right door below the Tediz base, where, according to the Army Captain, each of them enters a truck to be transported back to Paris. The Frenchies can choose to go in from a few directions, including left, straightforward, or right. As the Frenchies move around, they must avoid being fired at by Tediz, which occurs if the Frenchy is within view. Each one only has 90 seconds to enter either door. If the timer runs out, the Tediz activate their "secret weapon" and fire all lasers at the Frenchy, killing it. If the Tediz prevents a Frenchy from entering the door, the Tediz earns a point. If the Frenchy successfully goes through, then the Frenchies earn a point. The

The Frenchies are defenseless and do not utilize any weapons. However, they are capable of jumping about as high as Conker can, including the higher jump from holding Z Button and then pressing A Button.

In the middle of the layout, there is a bridge. From the right side, the Frenchy can go up the bridge, and near the end of the bridge path, there is a nearby platform with the Dynamite Plunger. By activating it, the Frenchy sets off a detonator in every Tediz tower, temporarily stopping them from attacking the Frenchy. There are a few Power Boost Pills located around the map, which provide the Frenchy with a temporary speed boost.

Around the starting area, there is a pool of water that the Frenchy can swim in, to no use. This is even acknowledged by the Nintendo Player's Guide.

Tediz Side

Gameplay as a Tedi, who is aiming the Bazooka at a Frenchy

Before the gameplay starts, the Tediz hold a brief meeting on preventing the "refugees" (Frenchys) from passing them and entering Paris.

The gameplay takes place within three rooms, and the player controls a Tedi. The Tedi can utilize a different weapon from each room: from the bottom floor, it can use the Machine Gun. The Machine Gun takes three hits to kill a Frenchy. On the top-left floor, the Tedi uses a Bazooka, while at the top-right floor, he uses a Sniper Rifle. Sometimes the Tedi must alter the position from where it fires to get a more accurate aim at a Frenchy. Even though the bullets fire through the window, the Tediz cannot jump out themselves.

Sometimes a Frenchy attempts to hit the Dynamite Plunger. When it approaches the device, the Frenchy is heard saying, "Boom, Tediz!" over the transmitter. If the Frenchy sets off the device, all the Tediz explodes, and the Frenchies earn a point.


The sequence from when the Frenchies win
The sequence from when the Tediz win

The short endings are the same regardless of which side the player chose. The only difference is that the game displays a notice saying whether the player has won or lost, based on which character they chose.

If the Frenchies win, the game zooms out from a billboard showing a photograph of Paris, as shown from the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe and a sign showing Paris to be 200 kilometers away. A Frenchy family is shown happily looking at the sign, suggesting a path was cleared for all Frenchies to re-enter Paris.

If the Tediz wins, the Frenchies are imprisoned behind a gate. A couple of Tediz are shown goose stepping in front of the gate.


  • The song that the Tediz sing is a reference to the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Beach assumes that the SHC has taken back Paris, suggesting that its events take place after Colors.
  • The giant orbital laser cannon might be a reference to a Nazi Wunderwaffle sun gun though not directly inspired by the sun gun, but the concept was similar because both are space weapons.