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Artwork of a Flytrap

Flytraps[1] are an enemy in Conker's Pocket Tales.


They are large, dark purple plants with a dark pink head, although their Game Boy Color sprite depicts them with having a light purple body. In Krow Keep, Flytraps are depicted in a darker shade of purple, and green ones are found in Mako Islands and the Aztec Temple. If Conker is near a Flytrap, it starts to spit an orange projectile at him every few seconds. In the Game Boy release, Flytraps have an idle animation in which they shake their head back and forth for a few seconds just before they spit out another projectile. Flytraps can spit projectiles in every direction except for directly up or down. Conker can defeat a Flytrap by firing a conker at it twice. Flytraps are encountered in Willow Woods, Krow Keep, Claw Swamp, and Catacombs.

Flytraps have an orange relative, Chasing Plants, which move after Conker rather than spit projectiles at him. In the Game Boy version, due to color limitations, Flytraps and Chasing Plants have the same appearance, so they can only be distinguished by their actions.



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