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Hurdles Race

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Conker jumps over a tin barrel

Hurdles Race[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Location and rules

The Hurdles Race is hosted by an Acorn friend in the Mako Islands. Conker must win the race to obtain the engine, one of the parts that Ted needs to create a boat for Conker. Conker's sprites are also used in another sub-game, Long Jump, which also has a nearly identical background.

Hurdles Race involves a race between Conker and Honker, both of whom must jump over hurdles along their paths until they reach the finish line. Conker's path is at the top, and Honker's path is at the bottom. The paths are symmetrical because the hurdles are in the same places. The hurdles consist of logs and tin barrels. The finish line is a thin, red rectangle that reads Finish in uppercase white letters. The timer is displayed at the bottom-right corner.

The goal of Hurdles Race is to cross the finish line first. If Conker either walks into a hurdle or unsuccessfully jumps over one, he is slowed down until he moves past that hurdle. By default, Honker finishes the race at a time of 36:20 seconds, which is shown if Honker crosses the finish line before Conker. If this occurs, Conker loses, and the minigame ends, requiring Conker to try again. When Conker wins the race, the Acorn friend, who admits that he did not believe that Conker would win, rewards him with the engine and a Present.

In the Game Boy version, there are differences in Hurdles Race: the timer has a different and smaller font; rocks are also placed as hurdles along the way, and both Conker and Honker's final times are displayed when the race ends. Also, in this version, the minigame does not end automatically if Honker crosses the finish line, like with Swimming Race in the same version. The timer stops at 99:99, and the sub-game only ends once Conker crosses the finish line.


  • +Control Pad (left and right): Build up movement and speed
  • A Button or B Button: Jump over hurdles


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 15): "Run as fast as you can by wiggling the + Control Pad ← and → as quickly as possible. Press the A or B Button to jump over the obstacles."



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