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Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Scarecrow
Color Yellow-brown
Eye color Black
“It means context sensitive... It's sensitive to context!”

Birdy is a recurring character in the Conker franchise.


Birdy is a scarecrow with a sack of corn as his body, which even displays "corn" on his belly. Birdy's mouth is stitched together, and he speaks with a raspy voice. He wears a red shirt, white gloves, and a straw hat. He is tied to a stick, and also has a few patches on his clothes. He no longer wears a straw hat and gloves in Conker's Big Reunion. He provides tutorials for Conker at the start of his adventures and resides in the Hungover chapter.


Twelve Tales: Conker 64

Birdy's predecessor.

While Birdy did not appear in Twelve Tales: Conker 64, he had a predecessor: a scarecrow with a pumpkin head. It also light blue eyes and a purple shirt. Like Birdy, this character also provided tutorials to Conker and Berri.

Conker's Bad Fur Day / Conker: Live & Reloaded

Conker meets Birdy.

Birdy is the first character Conker sees on his journey in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded, at the start of the Hungover chapter.

After waking up, Conker walks around the small fence enclosure and then enters it. Conker walks up and finds him asleep, next to a sign that reads "feck off crows" ('feck' is an obvious misspelling of 'fuck'). He wakes up and asks Conker who he is. Conker asks for directions back home, and Birdy says he cannot help him. However, he teaches Conker about B Pads and "context-sensitivity". Conker is already standing on a B Pad, and Birdy tells him to try it out. Conker pulls a beer out from his pocket, which Birdy snatches and drinks. If Conker tries the same B Pad a second time, he provides helium to Birdy, who inhales it. If a third time, Conker provides another beer to Birdy, who says goodnight and goes to sleep. If Conker attacks Birdy during gameplay, he says "fuck off!" to Conker. He might have said 'feck', which is written on the sign, but it remains unknown because the game censors every utterance of 'fuck'.

Birdy later appears in Windy. When Conker goes to the area's first B Pad, he has to pass the four Dung Beetles to reach the Poo Mountain region and the Barn Boys chapter. Birdy suddenly appears behind Conker. He tells Conker about the Manual for instructions, but offers a fee for it. Birdy asks Conker for Mepsipax, but he does not have any. Birdy offers him the manual for ten dollars instead. After Conker pays Birdy, he leaves, and he moves by hopping on his stalk. The Cash bundle then jumps out of Birdy's pocket without him noticing and returns to Conker, who it prefers. The Manual replaces Birdy's role in the rest of Conker's adventure.

Birdy is still in the Hungover chapter if Conker visits it again. However, he has no further role or dialogue. Conker can still provide a beer to Birdy, which triggers an identical event of when Conker uses the same B Pad a third time.

In the opening scene of Bad Fur Day's main menu, as Conker walks into The Cock and Plucker, Birdy is at the right side of the entrance. Aside from Conker, Birdy is likely another frequent visitor at the bar.

Conker's Big Reunion

Birdy reappears in Conker's Big Reunion for Project Spark. He has a larger role, and aside from Conker, Birdy is one of the main characters.

Name origin

Birdy's name and personality is based on a programmer who worked for Rareware, who was nicknamed "Beardy". Conker first misheard his name as "Beardy" but claims he has no beard. Birdy later asked Conker for "Mepsipax" (a spoonerism of Pepsi Max), which was Beardy's favorite drink.