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The Experiment

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The Experiment
The Experiment and Little Girl CBFD.jpg
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Tediz
Color Brown
“Yes, Mr. Squirrel. I'm the brains and eyes, and he's the brawn.”
Little Girl, describing her association to The Experiment

The Experiment is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


The Experiment is a large, spider-legged cyborg Tediz experiment paired with the Little Girl. He is the brawn and the protector of the Little Girl, who sits on his left arm like a hand puppet. According to the Little Girl, she is the Experiment's boss and provides orders to him. The Experiment is blind because he has no eyes. The Little Girl is the eyesight and brain of the Experiment.

The Experiment's body is mostly coated in Tediz skin but has a few metallic body parts. This includes a robotic claw for a right arm, spider legs for feet, which has a metallic abdomen connected to it, and a large hole on its back that contains Spider Mines. The Experiment is preloaded with several weapons, including a chainsaw, a built-in repository of missiles, and a laser cannon.


The Little Girl is revealed to be part of The Experiment.

When Conker is about to rescue the Little Girl, Rodent drops down in the area with his Class Twenty-Two Tank; he is aware of her true nature and unsuccessfully prevents Conker from rescuing her. A platform beneath her opens, and she rises out, revealed as an attachment to The Experiment. She provides a first lesson on ballistics, where she showcases a mini-gun of The Experiment, capable of firing 8,000 rounds a second.

The boss battle involves Conker driving around in the Class Twenty-Two Tank. He must avoid The Experiment, who has two different attacks: cutting the tank with its chainsaw or picking it up and shaking it. In both instances, Conker loses a Chocolate from his Life Bar. If Conker is outside the tank, The Experiment can instantly kill him with one hit.

The Little Girl showcases The Experiment's weapon capabilities in Conker: Live & Reloaded.

To attack The Experiment, Conker must blast both mini-guns off him, and then do so to the Little Girl. He must also avoid being shot by the ballistic shotguns. Sometimes, The Experiment hugs the Little Girl for a few seconds to protect her from blasting off. Conker can avoid being attacked by hiding between stone arches on the arena. When he blasts off the Little Girl, The Experiment yells and distractedly runs to her, attempting to place her back on his arm. During this, Conker has the opportunity to blast the glowing red hole on The Experiment's back to injure it.

After the Little Girl is placed back on, she showcases The Experiment's two magneto lasers with six-pronged attack. They instantly kill Conker, even from being in the tank. Like last time, Conker must blast off both weapons, then the Little Girl, and fire into The Experiment's back.

The Little Girl then shows The Experiment's missile guns, said to be fur-guided and with multiple warheads. After attacking The Experiment a third and final time, he is defeated and collapses the ground. The Little Girl commands him to get up, which he does not do. As a last resort, the Little Girl summons two Spider Mines out The Experiment. They both latch onto the tank, and explode it. The Little Girl pushes a red button, which begins a countdown sequence. Both characters are not seen since.