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Blacksmith's speech icon in the Game Boy Color version (left) and Game Boy version (right).

The Blacksmith is a character in Conker's Pocket Tales.


The Blacksmith is an Acorn friend appearing in Vultureville. He is, as his name states, a blacksmith, and runs his own business named Smithy's.

During his short quest to find Gold, Conker visits the Forest Wong in his building, Pan for Gold, which Dusty refers him to. There the Forest Wong tells Conker that he could help if he were given a pan, and tells Conker to ask the Blacksmith. When Conker visits the Blacksmith, he tells Conker that is unsure of what to melt down into a pan and Conker is referred back to Dusty's. There, after Conker defeats two Bats, Dusty thanks him and gives him a tankard to give to the Blacksmith, who finally makes him a pan.