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Conker is about to throw knives at Franky.

Knives are a recurring weapon in the Conker franchise.

Location and uses

In their first appearance, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Knives can be thrown from certain Context Zones in later parts of the Barn Boys chapter; the Knives resemble chef's knives. The first time is when Conker frees Franky from his noose; a cutscene shows Conker throwing lots of knives at Franky's noose, including a cleaver, until one cuts the rope and frees Franky. The second time is to cut down a handful of electric wires in the underground sewage when the water rises. This is to prevent Conker from being electrocuted the water. After Conker and Berri pass two forcefields during the Feral Reserve Bank robbery in the Heist chapter, a cutscene shows Berri throwing a knife into a Security Guard's neck, killing it.

Knives are also weapons in certain games of Multi mode in Conker's Bad Fur Day. In it, players can move and jump while wielding Knives. When thrown, the Knives home in on the nearest target. It has nearly 100 percent accuracy at hitting the target's head, which is a one-hit knock-out, making it the most effective weapon in the multiplayer mode. In other modes it uses the singleplayer version, while in Raptor it seems to be attached to a bone, making it very primitive aesthetically.

Knives reappear in the Xbox remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. They have the same role, but their look was altered to resemble M4 bayonets instead. Sneeker class in the multiplayer mode has daggers that can be thrown like knives.