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Dragon God

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Dragon God
Dragon God in LnR.jpg
The Dragon God's appearance in Conker: Live & Reloaded
Gender Male[1]
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Deity inspired by brontosaurus[2]
Color Brown
Eye color Brown pupils (Bad Fur Day)
Yellow glowing eyes (Live & Reloaded)
“I am pleased with your offering”
Dragon God

The Dragon God[1][3], otherwise generically known as the dragon statue[4] is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


The Dragon God is a living statue deity that is worshiped by the Ugas. Its body only consists of a head and neck. In Live & Reloaded, its eyes are glowing and yellow.


The Dragon God's appearance in Conker's Bad Fur Day

The Dragon God is found in the Sacrificial Chamber during the Uga Buga chapter. Some Ugas are shown bowing down to it. When Conker first enters the chamber, the game camera shows a frontal view of the Dragon God, accompanied by dramatic music. In order to progress, Conker must find a way to enter into the Dragon God. He can do so by guiding a purple baby dinosaur onto a nearby altar and then crushing it with the stone slab hanging above it, killing the dinosaur. The Dragon God is pleased with Conker's sacrifice and opens his mouth, extending its large, phlegm-coated tongue onto the ground. An Odd Little Monk walks down to the tip of the tongue.

The mucus makes the Dragon God's tongue slippery, thus preventing Conker from entering its mouth. Conker must stand on the Odd Little Monk's stone tablet to be flung onto the Dragon God's head. In a context-sensitive moment, Conker must sprinkle pepper into each of the Dragon God's nostrils. He must watch out for the green, poisonous gas that emerges from both of the Dragon God's nostrils every few seconds. A Cash bundle is on the neck of the Dragon God, and a Squirrels' Tail hangs from the wall at the end of the Dragon God's neck.

After Conker pours pepper into both nostrils, the Dragon God sneezes, causing mucus to fly everywhere. Conker is flung off, causing him to land back onto the ground. Conker can walk up the Dragon God's tongue, which becomes dry after it sneezed, although an abundance of mucus is still inside the Dragon God, starting with its uvula. Conker must avoid the swinging uvula or else he takes damage. The floors and walls inside the Dragon God's mouth are all coated with mucus. The inside consists of a short passage that is mostly empty. At the start, the path forks left or right. Each path has an obstacle—the left left path has another uvula, which swings up and down, and the right path has a gap that Conker can only get across by performing a Helicoptery Tail Thing. The path rejoin at the end of the passage, which has a third uvula and an orifice that serves as an exit. The orifice leads directly to a thin and narrow ledge, where Conker finds a dead Uga and decides to put on its headgear. After doing so, Conker re-enters the orifice and goes back down the passage to exit back out of the Dragon God's mouth. The Ugas view Conker as a deity because of the headgear he has on.

The Dragon God has no other direct role, although during the "Bomb Run" section of the Uga-Buga chapter, Conker must follow Don Weaso's order of carrying a bomb and using it to wipe out the Uga race. Near the end of the run, Conker has to walk into the Dragon God's mouth again, then take the left path inside his mouth (because of the gap in the right path) and exit from the orifice on the other side. Upon reaching the end of the following ledge, Conker drops the bomb, causing several Ugas to be wiped out.


  • The Dragon God is the only character in Conker's Bad Fur Day whose speech is not accompanied by a speech bubble. In Conker: Live & Reloaded, the Dragon God has a speech bubble like the other characters.


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