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“A simple class with simple pleasures. Generally speaking, Demolishers want nothing more out of life than to smash stuff up, which is why they get the Bazooka. Not enough for you? They can also enter a Berserk state which allows for faster movement and an extra ground punch attack, though mercifully it wears off in time..”
From the game manual
“Everybody wants to be a Demolisher, because Demolishers get the big guns. The fellas with bad tempers get tossed in with the Demolishers, and they’re contagious. Demolishers regularly go berserk when they need to vent their spleens.”
Community Conker site
An SHC Demolisher from the Future War

Demolishers are a class in Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Demolishers are the slowest of the six classes in Conker: Live & Reloaded, although they also have the most health to counterbalance this disadvantage. Demolishers carry a bazooka, giving them devastating firepower at the cost of a slow reload time. They can fire either straight rockets or anti-aircraft missiles. They can enter a berserk state, which shoulders their weapons in exchange for more health, faster movement, and a deadly pound attack. Demolishers carry napalm (fire) and smoke (defeats and blocks sight) grenades and an Arc Weld for repairing vehicles and terminals. When upgraded, they can fire Guided Missiles, which are controlled from a first-person view, receive a frag grenade, and a powerful, but awkward, "Strayfur" chaingun. In the pre-Xbox Live shutdown, he could earn the "Medal of Mass Destruction" (Which makes his guided rockets faster and gives him an extra way to get into the tankus.) The tankus is his special vehicle which is very durable and the only tank in multiplayer.

The SHC Demolisher is the largest of the group, having bronze eyes, grey fur, lots of freckles, and a blood splatter near his nose. In both wars, he seems to have a problem fitting into his uniform, causing to have his stomach get exposed. In the Old War, he wears a jacket-like uniform due to the fact it has a zipper on it; on the shoulder he holds the rank of technical Sergeant; a phone-like object on the top of his backpack (suggesting he works or used to work as a radioman); an M1 helmet with two interesting details to piece the Demolisher's probable personality and nationality. On the left side, a peace symbol with a smiley face inside, which is ironic for someone who kills, but it may be referencing his calm nature, only getting angry if he goes berserk. On the right side, a lollipop taped to the helmet that says "I ❤️ NYC", suggesting he has been to the city as either a resident or a traveler. An interesting detail is that he has only one tooth, suggesting he broke his teeth either during a battle or when he was young. In the Future War, he wears an outfit like the rest of the classes. It has some details specific to the Demolisher, like still carrying the peace symbol, wearing some type of helmet which causes his floppy little ear to show, and only has one shoulder padl, while the other probably fell off during the war. For some reason, he now has two teeth.

The Tedi Demolisher, the strongest of the group, in the Old War wears a trenchcoat like an outfit which has many straps on it, mostly to keep the shirt tight. He holds the rank of a Corporal according to British WWII ranks. His torso has been filled with holes, either received during battles or as a genetic defect. He wears a summer HGBT field cap and purple fingerless gloves. In the Future War, his fur is darker, he is mostly naked, some of the skin is peeling off revealing the machine parts, red fingerless gloves, a red eye mostly to enhance his vision, various harnesses, and most notably, a metal jaw.

The SHC Demolisher's personality sounds the lowest and calmest, saying things slow like "Bazzooka!". He might have a speech problem since he sometimes mispronounces words, like "shit" as "shiet" or "bastards" as "dastards". He also mixes up words, like calling the strayfur a "medigun". He also seems to be confused all the time, like wondering where the Tediz are "Where are those fuckers?", "What? Where was he?" and "Nooo, dah I know they here somewhere". Most of voice lines for the Tediz are either playful or hostile, like "He's all blown up!", "Look at him go!", "There she goes!", "Tedi meat? Tedi meat!", "Come out to playboys", "You cowards, you fuckers, I know you're there." Whenever he goes berserk, like "Gahz gahhz, I'M INVINCIBLE!", "BE.. be... BERZERK!!!!", "I AM GOING BERZERK!" in a worried matter, which suggests despite having a calm status he may have anger problems.

The Tedi Demolisher has the deepest voice in the game. The most notable lines are when he calls the Tankus a "Panzer", "Big tank" or a "Wonder weapon" and has simple speech like "Tank mine". He nicknames the Strayfur as "Ol painless".


  • In one of the Tedi Demolisher renders, Tedi carries a carries an AK-47 which he does not even carry in-game. It is unknown whether he was just given a weapon hold on to while the Bazooka was being made, or that the Tedi Demolisher was supposed to have the AK-47 weapon from the start.
  • An easter egg can be triggered if you press fire while holding the Bazooka, though it is specific since sometimes it will not activate but sometimes it will blow itself up.
  • A notable idle animation on the character select screen includes rolling the grenades up and down on their sleeves and sometimes eating them just to cough them out.
  • The SHC demolisher was voiced by Chris Sutherland, who voiced Banjo in Banjo-Kazooie games.
  • The class is a mixture between the Soldier and the Heavy from Team Fortress Classic, a game the developers took inspiration from. The rocket launcher is from the Soldier, while the brute strength and minigun are from the Heavy.
  • The old concept art of Live and Uncut, the Tedi Demolisher, having a different satchel that seems to look like a vest (The concept art has some spikes on the satchel, to the right and the pouches is located differently. the noticeable ones seem to be bigger and it has a holder/clip to hold the grenades including one that seems to look like the Magnova grenade a weapon that the Demolisher never uses, the final game omits some details and makes it simplified.) The body also has different stitch locations including their ears, and the concept art has no satchel on his leg, and also their claws on their feet are longer. The noticeable details are the metal jaw seems to be more square and his right hand seems to have to have spike padding.


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