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Conker rolls a Pooball on Poo Mountain.

Pooballs are an object in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Location and uses

Pooballs are round fecal balls originating from Poo Mountain and are created by the farm of Poo Cabin. The production of Pooballs is overseen by the Dung Beetle manager of the Poo Cabin. As the place is in low supply of Pooballs, Conker must get Daisy and the cows to contract severe diarrhea and crap it down the grate. Pooballs are created from their feces.

When a Pooball is created, it is shipped down a pipe just outside the Poo Cabin. Conker can roll one up each pathway of the Poo Mountain--the left pathway leads to a dead-end, where Conker drop a Pooball onto a giant Dung Beetle blocking the pathway, and kill it. The other pathway, from the right side, leads to the summit door. Conker must roll the Pooball down it and inside the mountain for it to break open an entrance below to the interior of Poo Mountain.

Conker can also roll a Pooball down a waterfall and onto a Clang Gobling. This allows Conker to activate the switch it was blocking, and activating it allows him to enter the Bats Tower chapter. The Clang Gobling remains trapped in the Pooball permanently.