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Not to be confused with Bat Conker.
Two Bats (one of whom is Barry) in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Bats are a species of enemies in the Conker franchise.


They are based entirely on bats, which are mammals in the real world. However, Bats appear differently throughout their appearances. In Conker's Pocket Tales, their first appearance, Bats entirely resemble an average black bat. Their eyes were large, complete with black pupils. They had no mouth, but they did have short, pointy ears. Bats look entirely different in Bad Fur Day. Their skin was recolored to brown, and they have large ears, nostrils, and a mouth with two fang teeth. Their eye sclera was recolored to yellow, and their pupils were made smaller. They also have clawed feet, which they use to hang upside down on ceiling grips.

Conker's Pocket Tales

In Conker's Pocket Tales
Sprite of a Bat in the Game Boy Color version (left) and Game Boy version (right)

Bats are a common enemy in Conker's Pocket Tales. Conker can find them in buildings in every level except Mako Islands. If a Bat sees Conker, it flies around the room and attempts to attack him. Conker loses an Acorn if he gets by it. Conker can defeat Bats by flinging a Conker nut from his Slingshot at them. In Vultureville, there are two Bats in Dusty's home, which Conker goes to visit per the Blacksmith's advice. Dusty refuses to help Conker unless he gets rid of both bats. Once Conker does this, Dusty rewards him with a tankard.

Conker's Bad Fur Day / Conker: Live & Reloaded

Bats make brief appearances during parts of Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. They appear in the Barn Boys, Bats Tower, and Spooky chapters.

In Barn Boys, the Bats are located on the upper floor of the Barn. After Conker enters from its top entrance, an unnamed Bat notices him and tells Barry to look at him. Barry is blind so he cannot see Conker, but the other Bat tells him to use his radar. The Bats wait for Conker to walk on the narrow platforms, and plan to swoop at him. On the platform, Conker has a context-sensitive moment, where he takes out the Flamethrower to burn and kill each Bat that approaches him. Conker can also use the Helicoptery Tail Thing to hover above them and therefore cross the platforms quicker.

Conker meets more Bats in the Bats Tower location of the eponymous chapter. He finds them during his climb atop the tower from the room with the Schizoid Cog. The Bats still have the same role, and Conker uses the Flamethrower again to kill them. The difficulty is a bit higher, as Conker has to avoid a few on the first few floors each.

Bats are somewhat the main theme of Spooky. Conker's ancestor, Count Batula, is a vampire and can transform into a large bat. Batula bites Conker just as the Villagers enter his mansion. Conker later wakes up as a black vampire bat; in Live & Reloaded Conker remains orange as a Bat. After Batula dies from eating too many Villagers, Conker transforms back into his normal self.

Later in the chapter, Conker has to retrieve one of the front door's Keys by crossing more narrow platforms on the upper floor. Unlike the previous two chapters, Conker is met by vampire Bats, whose squeaks are identical to that of normal Bats'. This time, in a different context-sensitive moment, Conker fires at them with a Crossbow. His Shotgun is ineffective against them.

The Bats communicate in squeaks, but their speech bubble text is in English. Despite how they communicate, the Bats are still bleeped from swearing, most likely for humor. They are the only characters to use Speech Bubbles but not communicate in English.