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Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Pitchfork
Color Light brown
Eye color Black

Franky is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Physical traits

He looks like an ordinary pitchfork, but with his mouth and eyes at the end of the handle.


Franky was originally antagonistic and fought Conker but later became his ally. He has a noticeable soft, sentimental side. Franky is assumed to be slightly dim, because like a stereotypical farm person, he speaks with a colloquial farm accent, has slightly broken English, and often pauses in his speech.


Franky fights Conker when they first encounter.

Franky is a pitchfork who lives in the barn of the Barn Boys chapter. When Conker enters the barn, Ron, Reg, and Franky notice him. Ron and Reg agree that it is Franky's turn to kick his "ass", to which Franky complains about as it is always his turn.

Conker eventually walks up to them, and Franky asks him "what the dam diddly squat" is he doing in the barn. Franky also mentions that Conker is not native to the area, to which Conker replies "I'm from the 21st century". Franky concludes that he will kick Conker's ass around the barn, and that he will stick his fork into Conker. Conker asks him if his parents were related before marriage (a reference to redneck incest), and Franky angrily begins to chase him.

Franky tries to charge into Conker, who tricks him into charging at the Haystacks instead. He quits at attempting to injure Conker after he involuntarily charges and defeats every Haystack. Ron and Reg claim insult him and also claim the ass-kicking was terrible. Ron suggests Franky hangs himself. He gets upset and questions what type of friends they are. He agrees to hang himself from the barn's ceiling. After Franky is hung, Ron laughs at him because he has no neck, and Franky also realizes he has no esophagus. As he is incapable of suffocating, Franky realizes that his death will take a long time. The Haybot also jumps down to the bottom floor as Franky, his "arch-nemesis", was defeated.

Franky tries to hang himself from the ceiling.

Later, Conker steps on a B Pad on the higher floor of the barn so he can throw Knives to free Franky from his rope. A cutscene plays, showing Franky swaying back and forth, hoping to not be mutilated by the Knives. When Conker goes to the ground level, Franky thanks him and compares it to an execution. He calls Conker his "bestest buddy" and that he will do anything for Conker. Conker asks what they will do about the Haybot. Franky tells Conker to hop on his back as they are going "for a ride".

Conker rides Franky during the boss fight against the Haybot, and he can attack it by stabbing Franky into it. If the Haybot knocks Conker off, Franky follows him and tells him to get on his back again. After the Haybot is stabbed three times, it stomps on the floor and breaks it. Him, Conker, and Franky collapse into a sewage plant. The Haybot's entire robot form is revealed, and Conker and Franky fight him again. To attack it again, Franky must jump up for Conker to press the Haybot's big, red button.

Franky was broken in half after the Haybot's demise.

After the Haybot explodes from three hits, Franky falls backward. Conker wondered where he is, and found Franky on the ground, broken in half. Franky is upset over this, and he calls himself a goner who is now only firewood. He also claims that others will use him as a toothpick "before you know it". Conker believes he will be fine, to which Franky wonders what he will do. Conker fixes him together with tape, and Franky considers him the most generous, nicest character he has ever met. Conker tells Franky that he does not need to act sentimental.

As sewage water bursts out a steel pipe, Franky abruptly tells Conker he has to go and says bye. Somehow he escapes the area by himself.

After Conker kills Heinrich in the Panther King's Castle, Franky walks in and congratulates him for defeating the Panther King. The Weasel Guards and other characters Conker met also came to congratulate him. Conker is surprised to see him. The characters, beginning with Marvin, chant, "Long live the king!", and Franky chants it next. Eventually every character chants it. Franky is also at Conker's throne in the opening cutscene, where Conker tells of his "bad fur day".