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Boat Race

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Boat Race is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Location and rules

The sub-game, which is the only boss battle, involves Conker racing against Honker in a boat race at the Mako Islands. Conker can only participate in this race once Ted has obtained the four necessary parts to build Conker a boat— an engine, propeller, rudder, and wood—each rewarded for completing one of the four other respective sub-games on Mako Islands. As with other sub-games, the gameplay is simple. It involves a single lap around the center island. Conker's boat is white with an orange outline, and Honker's boat is gray. The start/finish line is located at the dock. There are checkered flags on buoys placed along the way to help keep both Conker and Honker on track. In order for Conker to keep up with Honker, he must race as close to the island as possible and quickly take tight corners. Conker must avoid crashing into any rocks along the way, as these slow him down. The sub-game ends when either Conker or Honker cross the finish line. If Conker loses, he does not get a Game Over, but the Evil Acorn rather has him retry the Boat Race. When Conker wins the Boat Race, he is a Present and one of the two Special Keys.

In the Game Boy version, there are two laps, each of which are timed individually, and the buoys appear only during the Boat Race.


  • +Control Pad: Move
  • A Button or B Button: Accelerate

Flavor text

  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 14): "In the Mako Islands, you'll be required to race Conker on a speedboat. Be sure to follow the buoys and cut as many corners as you can! Use the + Control Pad to rotate the boat's forward direction, and hold down the A or B Button to keep up your speed."