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A Doll in Conker: Live & Reloaded

Dolls are an enemy in Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Dolls appear in the Barn Boys and Spooky chapters. They are living baby dolls that are seemingly old, judging from their wear. They have a pale, gray porcelain body and cracks in their head. They also wear an old-fashioned green dress. Even though Dolls are based on a man-made object, they are capable of bleeding; for some reason they have black blood, which is shown if they are defeated.

Only one Doll appears in Barn Boys, in a gated passageway that Conker can access by going off the high dive as an Anvil and onto a Context Zone. Conker can find a Cash bundle further down the trail. A few more Dolls appear in the outdoor portions of Spooky, including the village, the slightly flooded tunnels, and the narrow path to Count Batula's Mansion.

Conker can defeat Dolls by repeatedly hitting them with the Baseball Bat. Dolls are similar to Zombies, as he can also kill them from shooting their head with the Shotgun. Dolls also grunt and move around somewhat like Zombies do.