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Stone Giant

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Stone Giant
Stone Giant LnR screenshot.png
Species Rock humanoids
Game appearances Conker's Bad Fur Day
Conker: Live & Reloaded

Stone Giants,[1] formerly known as Rock'ards,[2] are enemies in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Stone Giants are entirely made up of rock. They have two arms, each having a fingerless hand in the shape of a fist. Stone Giants have no legs and instead use two large rock-shaped feet for moving around. Their head is much smaller in proportion to their body, and it appears on the top of their torso. In Conker: Live & Reloaded, Stone Giants were redesigned to be made up of more rocks, and they have four fingers on each hand. There are a few patches of moss growing on their body.

Stone Giants appear outside the entrance to Rock Solid and within the club itself. They behave slightly differently between the two locations. The Stone Giants outside the club are smoking a cigar and are carrying an empty bottle, suggesting they are drunk. Stone Giants appear in various sizes, with the Bouncer being one of the largest.

In both locations, if a Stone Giant notices Conker, it follows him and tries beating him up. If it manages to do so, the Stone Giant then vomits on Conker. A few of the Stone Giants remain in a ball shape, meaning that Conker must use them to solve a puzzle. Additionally, if Conker urinates on a Stone Giant, it curls up until Conker stops urinating. This causes the Stone Giant to beat him up, just like the ones outside of Rock Solid.

There are a few female Stone Giants that appear in Rock Solid, dancing with the rest of the Stone Giants. They do not attack Conker or directly interact with him, although a few of them are dancers on the top floor of Rock Solid, occasionally blocking Conker's path. The female Stone Giants can be identified from their black-spotted, red lingerie (the same pattern as on the Ugas' shirt), purple eyeliner, and lipstick. They also have shoulder-length blonde hair and, like many other females in the game, large breasts. In Conker: Live & Reloaded, the female Stone Giants have a messier grass-type hairdo, and their lingerie is comprised of green moss.


A Stone Giant shows up at Berri's house at the start of the Uga Buga chapter (Live & Reloaded)
Conker passes some Stone Giants outside Rock Solid in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

A Stone Giant first appears right when Conker starts the Uga Buga chapter. As Berri is exercising at her house, she hears a knock on her door. She initially believed it to be Conker, but finds a Stone Giant at her doorstep. She asks who the Stone Giant is, with the assumption he is a salesperson. The Stone Giant punches Berri unconscious and drags her out of her house, kidnapping her.

Conker first encounters some of Stone Giants outside of Rock Solid. The Stone Giants are initially found curled into a ball. However, if Conker passes the Stone Giant, it gets up and tries attacking him. The only Stone Giant to retain its ball shape is the one just left of the Bouncer. If Conker pounds the statue's head as an Anvil another time, the door beneath it opens. Conker must push the curled-up Stone Giant through the opened path to break open the entrance to Sacrificial Chamber. As it rolls down the path, the Stone Giant defeats two Ugas in the process.

Later, Conker must return outside of Rock Solid with some Ugas, who are capable of defeating the Stone Giants. Conker instructs them to attack a Stone Giant after he first attacks it, via his Frying Pan (or Baseball Bat in the remake). In Conker: Live & Reloaded, when the Ugas start attacking a Stone Giant, it attempts to shake them off. After a while, the Ugas manage to defeat the Stone Giant into pieces. After defeating every Stone Giant, Conker and the Ugas go into Rock Solid.

In Rock Solid, Conker finds Berri kidnapped within the location. To free her, Conker must push a curled-up Stone Giant from near the alcohol keg and onto a stone platform right in front of the club entrance. Doing closes the two pathways in favor of the middle one. In a context-sensitive moment, Conker must get drunk and then urinate on a male Stone Giant, who then curls up in a ball, and direct it down the middle path. After going falling down the path, the Stone Giant permanently remains in its ball shape. Conker must take a Seltzer Tablet and then go down the middle path, leading to a higher floor of Rock Solid.

Conker urinates on a Stone Giant, directing it down the middle path.
Conker pushes the Stone Giant behind a female Stone Giant dancer.

From the higher floor, Conker must carefully push the Stone Giant on a narrow path, pass the two female Stone Giant dancers, and push the Stone Giant on another stone platform, which causes the middle path to close and the two adjacent pathways to open. Every few seconds, the female Stone Giants have a pattern of moving out of their alcove, on the pathway, and then move forward onto the front platform. Conker must move the Stone Giant either in front or behind the female Stone Giant dancer, depending on where she is located. If the female Stone Giant dancer moves into the curled-up Stone Giant, she bumps him off the path and back onto the main floor. If this occurs, the Stone Giant uncurls itself, and Conker must redo the process.

Afterward, Conker must get drunk another time and then urinate on two more Stone Giants to lead them down the respective left and right paths. Both paths lead down onto Berri's cage, and by rolling the Stone Giant down the path, it collides with Berri's cage and crumbles apart. After Conker directs the second Stone Giant down the other path, it also falls on Berri's cage and crumbles apart, however, it breaks open the cage, freeing Berri.


Concept art of the Rock'ards as a mafia group


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