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King Bee

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King Bee
King Bee.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Bee
Color Yellow and black
Eye color Black
She's got stigmas like you wouldn't believe.”
King Bee

The King Bee is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


He was formerly a king and the wife of Queen Bee before he cheated on her for a Sunflower. King Bee is first mentioned in the Windy chapter by Queen Bee. She tells Conker that her "no-good husband" (the King Bee) cheated and left her, and claims that the Wasps stole her Beehive because he did not defend it.

Conker meets the hopeless King Bee in Live & Reloaded.

The King Bee originally rested on the Barn's top floor in the Barn Boys chapter. After Conker activates a Lever on the bottom floor, the door behind King Bee opens, and he falls backward out the Barn. After exiting the Barn, Conker meets the King Bee in a dirt patch next to the entrance. King Bee explains of how he became homeless: he mentions that Queen Bee kicked him out and that her Beehive is constantly stolen. He is apathetic and claims that he is too overweight to fit in the Beehive and that Queen Bee is also overweight. Conker decides to leave, but King Bee catches his attention by mentioning a "big-breasted babe".

King Bee describes his crush on the Sunflower, whom he finds "lovely". According to him, the Sunflower was the reason for why Queen Bee kicked him out. He desires to pollinate her and even references her stigmas. Conker was unaware of his crush on a sunflower until he pointed her out. Conker is puzzled by the Sunflower because of her large breasts. King Bee calls him a "stupid bastard", to which Conker replies by saying that his remark was unneeded.

King Bee wants to be noticed by the Sunflower and begs Conker to help him. Conker asks what he is in for, and the King Bee tells him of Cash. Conker states that he thought King Bee is broke. In a thought bubble, King Bee says "Damn. He's sussed me." Conker says in his own thought bubble, "Ha! Sussed him."

Conker brings five swarms of Tickly Bees to the Sunflower, and King Bee takes the opportunity to pollinate her. He thanks Conker and pollinates her off-screen sexually, which is strongly implied by their groaning. Conker witnesses them in disgust. When King Bee finishes, he feels happy and refreshed. He states that he "feels like a new man". He says goodbye to Conker and flies away.

While King Bee is not seen again, he is referenced on a headline of a "The Midday Feral" newspaper at the start of the It's War chapter. The headline is named "King Bee's Love Triangle", which references his affair with the Sunflower.