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Heist (Multi)

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Gameplay as Mr. Blue

Heist is a Multi mode, based on the eponymous Heist chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Location and rules

Being the sly, sneaky, long-snouted little deviants they are, the weasels have been sent to pull a job on the Feral Reserve Bank. And although this is meant to be a team effort, your so-called allies are all out to impress the boss—so watch your back and trust no one. Just snag the Big Bag of Money, then get your arse back to your own lobby.

The money will start at the center of the labyrinthine vault. To pick it up, simply run into it. If you feel the need to drop it, press the B Button Button. Anytime some weasel drops the bag, it'll try to hop its way back to the middle, so watch that little white dot on your radar screen.[1]

Up to four players can play and each can select their character from the four Wise Guys, each with associated color (of sweater stripes) and codenames based on them: Mr. Blue (Frankie), Mr. Green (Chicho), Mr. Red (Paulie), and Mr. Yellow (Ali), each representing their own team. Their codenames are a direct reference to the film Resevoir Dogs. Don Weaso instructs each Wise Guy to steal bags of Cash and put them into their respective safe. Each safe has its own color, which corresponds to each Wise Guy's associated color. The first Wise Guy to put three cash bags in his vault wins. In the following cutscene, Don Weaso sends the others to "sleep with the fishes"—he attaches their feet to cement blocks and sends them underwater to drown.


Don Weaso explaining the rules


Camera cuts to Mr. Red / Paulie struggling while sinking into black water. Camera then cuts back to Paulie clutching his neck and finally drowning to death while Don Weaso chuckles.

Don Weaso: Ok, wise guys, here's the score. Rule number one. My way, or he's a dead motherfucker way. Take your pick. There ain't no more rules. Right. We are robbing the Feral Reserve Bank at 08:30 hours, Eastern Standard Time. Here's the joint. You'll notice it's not very well guarded. Take four of the doors, one each. Here are your names. Mr. Blue... Mr. Red... Mr. Yellow... Mr. Green... Once inside, it's every man for himself. Get a weapon, get the money, preferably both, then get your asses outta there, Ok. Let's go to work.

You Win

Don Weaso: You are my new number one. C'mon, tough guy, the drinks are on me.

You Lose

Don Weaso: You know, some people have been asking me, where's Frankie? Where's Chicho? Where's Ali? Where's Paulie? I can say, I think they gone for a swim. Well, if you're waiting for 'em, I wouldn't hold your breath, which is ironic, because I expect that's what they're doing right now. Right, where's the next job.


  • Red Base
  • Blue Base
  • Green Base
  • Yellow Base
  • Center
  • Sniper Nests
  • 2nd Floor
  • 3rd Floor


The Wise Guys holding a weapon


  • Why me?
  • I'm swimming with the fishes
  • It didn't have to happen like this
  • This is the end
  • You is a dead motherfucker
  • Night night, motherfucker
  • Cut you up good and proper
  • Cut you up good, cocksucker
  • Fucking sprayed his ass everywhere
  • Ah fuck, I missed
  • Good shot
  • Lucky shot, fucker
  • Right between the eyes
  • Don't lose your head
  • Look at the brains
  • Dental record time
  • Chill out, daddy-o
  • Slice and dice
  • Lock and load
  • Ooh, heavy weapon
  • Big motherfucker
  • Got the dough, I'm gonna blow
  • Give me some more dough
  • Give me the money, you cocksucker
  • I've got the green, you ain't
  • Sweet-ass
  • Sweet
  • Sweet dreams
  • I'm outta here
  • Touchable
  • Go to fuck
  • Eat lead motherfuckers
  • Motherfuckers
  • Cocksuckers
  • Die
  • Fuck fuck fuck
  • Aahh
  • Uua
  • Gaah
  • Gulp
  • Ohh



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