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Buga the Knut

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Buga the Knut
Buga the Knut.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Uga
Color White-skin
Eye color Black (Bad Fur Day)
Light purple (Live & Reloaded')
Not to be confused with Uga.

Buga the Knut is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Buga is a large caveman and the leader of the Uga race. He has a girlfriend, whose name is Jugga. He is based on Julius Caesar, and enjoys witnessing Ugas fighting Fangy. Buga only wears a red loincloth and carries a large bone club around. He speaks incoherent, caveman-based English, unlike his girlfriend, who speaks it coherently.


Twelve Tales: Conker 64

Buga's predecessor from Twelve Tales.

Buga did not appear in Twelve Tales: Conker 64 but he had a predecessor, a Cyclops boss from the Roman-themed world. Like Buga, the Cyclops only wore a loincloth but also wore some shoes. He attacks Conker by striking lightning at him. When the game was remade into Bad Fur Day, the Cyclops was remade into Buga the Knut.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Boss battle against Buga the Knut.

In Bad Fur Day and Live & Reloaded, Buga is the boss of the Uga Buga chapter.

After Conker wins the Hoverboard race against the Surf Punks, he ends up in The Arena. Buga and his girlfriend Jugga sit in their own alcove, and he brags about his large boner to her until he notices Conker. For his own entertainment, Buga sends out some Ugas and Fangy in the stadium to fight Conker. He witnesses as Conker is chased by Fangy, then hypnotizes and rides on him. When Conker has Fangy eat an Uga, Buga excitedly describes it as "Nasty! Nasty!"

After Fangy eats every Uga on the field, Buga requests more entertainment. He sends in club-wielding Ugas to combat him and Conker. Fangy manages to eat every Uga on the field. Buga is worried because he did not intend for Conker to defeat his henchmen. Jugga giggles that Conker's "bone" (slang for penis) is larger than Buga's. This infuriates Buga, who insists that nobody's "bone" is larger than his. Jugga suggests for him to fight Conker if he claims this and labels him "big boy". Buga angrily gets off his seat and jumps on to the field to fight Conker. He lands on his butt and lets out a small fart.

On the field, Buga tells Conker that nobody remarks about his "bone". Fangy agrees with Conker to battle Buga, and the fight begins. Buga's attacks include ground pounding, which produces shockwaves in the ground. He also creates shockwaves by slamming his club on the ground. Conker and Fangy can jump over it to dodge the shockwave. He sometimes swings his club at Conker and Fangy.

Buga's "secret" is exposed to everyone.

Buga delays his bone club attack by a few seconds, and Conker must quickly ram Fangy into his crotch during this. If Fangy attempts to bite Buga's crotch otherwise, he covers it and wags "no" at him with his finger. If Fangy successfully bites Buga's crotch, his loincloth falls down, and he covers his private parts. His face is also red, which signifies his embarrassment. In a context-sensitive moment, Fangy must eat away at Buga's bare buttocks. He bites at the left one but bites into the right one in later turns. This takes away at some of his butt chunks, and Fangy is eventually flung off. Buga pulls up his loincloth and continues fighting.

In the second round, Buga attacks a bit faster. Conker must ram Fangy into Buga's crotch again, and have him bite into his other butt cheek. Buga moves a little faster in this round. Conker and Fangy can defeat Buga if Fangy bites into his buttocks a third and final time. Buga attempts to pull up his loincloth, which can no longer fit on his waist. Everyone, including Conker and Jugga, laugh because his penis is revealed to be tiny and uncircumcised in front of everyone. The game sometimes censors this with large pixels. Conker even sarcastically comments, "Big boner, my ass!" Buga is very embarrassed because of his exposed "secret" was exposed, and runs out the stadium naked. He crashes through the wall, and the audience cheers. Buga is not seen again.



  • His name almost sounds like the word "Cunt", which is even more supported by the ECTS demo's chapter select screen that lists his chapter as "Bugga the Cnut."