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Bank Shootout

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Bank Shootout[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.


Bank Shootout is a basic shootout minigame involving Conker and Honker. it takes place in Vultureville's bank, and the goal is for Conker to shoot Honker a number of times to stop him from robbing the bank. The boss music theme plays during this sub-game.

Conker's Pocket Tales

In Bank Shootout, both Conker and Honker each start with nine bars of energy on their health meter. Conker's energy bar is orange and on the left side while Honker's is blue and on the right side. In the Game Boy version, due to the monochromatic palette, their health bars cannot be distinguished. Conker is in front of the screen, facing Honker in the foreground, both of them are standing behind a small table on opposite ends of the room. The player can only move Conker left and right. They can press A Button for Conker to shoot and press B Button for him to duck behind the table, as a way to avoid Honker's incoming shots more easily. Whenever either Conker or Honker are shot, they lose a bar of health. Once Conker shoots Honker nine times, he wins the sub-game and obtains one of his Presents.


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 14): "Knock down the bank robber's energy bar before he lands too many hits on you. Avoid his shots by pressing the B Button, and return fire by pressing the A Button."



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