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Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Pocket Tales
Species Snake
Color Gray and orange (in-game), Green (artwork)
Eye color Black
“This slippery customer is a huge snake who patrols his domain day and night, ruthlessly running down any intruders.”
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 17

Hsstamean, also formatted Hssstamean,[1][2] is a character in Conker's Pocket Tales.


Hsstamean is a large segmented snake who, as depicted in his artwork, is a green snake, although his in-game sprite depicts him as having a gray head, three segments, and a tail. Both the top and bottom segments of Hsstamean's body are orange, but the middle segment and tail are both gray like his head.

During the battle, Hsstamean moves along a set path in which it circles around some trees in the bottom-center of the stage. After doing so, Hsstamean slithers into the cave entrance at the upper-right and comes out of the one at the upper-left. Hsstamean does not directly attack Conker, who can only take damage if he were to touch Hsstamean. Conker can stand between the trees to stay safe, as Hsstamean does not slither through them. To attack Hsstamean, Conker must use his Slingshot to shoot at his head. Hsstamean moves slightly faster after each hit. After six hits, Hsstamean is defeated, and Conker can collect his eighth Present.

Name origin

Hsstamean's name is likely a play on the organic nitrogen compound, histamine. The "hss" prefix of its name refers to the hissing sound of a snake, whereas "mean" refers to its villainous nature.



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