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Forest Wong

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Not to be confused with Forest Guardian.
The Forest Wong's speech icon in the Game Boy Color version (left) and Game Boy version (right).

The Forest Wong is a character in Conker's Pocket Tales.


Forest Wong is an Acorn friend who lives in the Spooky Forest of Willow Woods. In Willow Woods, after Conker has completed the Shooting Gallery, the Forest Guardian allows him to visit the Forest Wong in the Spooky Forest. The Forest Wong's house is found in the Spooky Forest's eastern region (western region in the Game Boy version). When Conker visits the Forest Wong, he provides Conker with the Key to unlock the entrance to Mushroom Town. He then asks Conker if he has checked upstairs yet, which is where Conker can find a Present.

Later, the Forest Wong can be found in Vultureville, being the only Acorn friend who appears in more than one world. Here, Forest Wong runs a business named Pan for Gold. When Conker first visits the Forest Wong, he asks Conker if he remembers him and mentions that he decided to take a break to go pan for gold (hence his business's name). Here, the Forest Wong hosts a minigame named Gold Panning.

The Forest Wong appears again in Mako Islands, where he has his own shack on the northwest island. He introduces Conker to the area and informs him of the map on the wall if ever he gets lost.


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 16): "Forest Wong is a hermit who promises to give the crusading squirrel all the help he can."


  • In the Game Boy version, the Forest Wong's speech icon is the same as the Forest Guardian's in Willow Woods, but his usual speech icon is present in both Vultureville and Mako Islands.