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“Never trust a Sneeker! Forgot their relatively weak long-range capability Sneekers are devastating up close and all too good at getting up close in the first place, especially when using Cloak. Their abillity to Feign death (and, help of an upgrade, Diguise themselves) also provides some nasty opportunities for suprise attacks.”
From the game manual
“Once you’ve seen (or not seen) one of these back-stabbers in action, you’ll be damn glad they’re on your side. If you don’t see one that’s not, well… better luck next life. The last thing many fallen heroes hear is the swoosh of a cloaked Sneeker’s Sabre. There’s nothing cooler than a Sneeker that feigns death only to pop up at the perfect moment and slice off a head.”
Community Conker site
An SHC Sneeker from the Future War

Sneekers are the most tactical, fastest moving, yet weakest class available in the Xbox Live & Co. mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded. They carry a saber (resembling a Japanese katana), limiting their attacks to mêlée range, but they can achieve combos that can behead an opponent. When using the saber, Sneekers an offensive or defensive stance, defensive mode rendering them invulnerable to normal bullets, and allowing them to power up a powerful spin attack.

Sneekers can cloak or feign death for "Sneek" attacks. They carry magnova (EMP) and flash-bang (stun) grenades, a device for hacking locked doors and terminals, and a remote-controlled robotic camera known as the "Snoopa" for spying on the enemy. The Snoopa also has the ability to self-destruct, injuring or killing nearby players. The Snoopa normally takes five seconds to self-destruct. When upgraded, Sneekers receive a set of daggers that can be thrown or stabbed with, a gas grenade, and the ability to disguise themselves as an enemy. In the pre-Xbox Live shutdown when the player earned the medals they will be rewarded with perks, threeunique upgrades for the sneekers are "Special Operations Star" earned by getting 1,000 kills (gives her an improved cloaking grenade which makes them even more invisible and starts with a Snoppa cam unlocked), "Order of the Fiend" earned by getting 500 backstabs (Improves the Snoopa by making it instantly detonates.) and the "Iron Heart" (Which makes their hacking devices faster.) Their vehicle in vehicle allowed maps is the R-hog which gives her even more mobility.

General information

Physical appearance

The SHC Sneeker is a slim-bodied chipmunk with bronze eyes, bronze-brown fur, face paint, and a breaded ponytail. In the Old War, she wears a slightly tilted beanie hat with a golden badge (with a red star and 53 on it), black gloves, and a shirt with a harness on it. Her shoulder badge says SOS 53. She has a rope around her chest and on her back is some type of hook (most likely a grappling hook for getting over walls or tight places). In the Future War, she has a helmet, a scar on her cheek, and an exposed stomach, while her breasts are poking through tight clothing.

The Tediz Sneeker's Old War appearance wears are a trenchcoat with a white shirt which includes the Tediz symbol resembling one of the SS uniforms, gloves, a monocle, and a Trilby which suggests the Tedi might be high-wealth class and a blue armband with a red paw on it and the only Tedi who has an armband. The armband might suggest that Tedi Sneeker is probably in a division, while Kriplespac's armband is reserved only for himself, being their leader. In the Future War, he wears a ninja cape-like hood with medieval-styled armor under it, red gloves which have claws sticking out (worn with a metallic-like wrist band), and foot wrappings. The outfit entirely mimics older medieval-like armor. His face has two interesting details, his left eye has tribal-like red paint markings, and his right eye is greyed out. He is blind in one eye like the SHC Long Ranger due to the fact his one eye blinks while the greyed-out eye does not blink.


The SHC Sneeker's personality is the most bitchy on the SHC team. She complains about everything, from having to lay down on the dirty floor when she feigns death "This floor is disgusting.", to saying "All I got is this fucking portal!", and the most sexual in the team, mostly saying stuff in a seductive voice, and moaning when she gets killed or hurt. The taunts towards Tediz "gonna cut me some bear meat.", "I really do give good head." and "I got myself a nice trophy." imply she has a trophy room filled with Tediz heads that she hunts.

The Tedi Sneeker sounds like the rest of the Tedi classes besides the Demolisher and Sky Jockey, though he has some interesting nicknames for his weaponry, like calling the Magnova grenade "electric menova", The Sabre as a "sword", and daggers as "knifey".



  • Sneeker is likely voiced by Eveline Novakovic, as she appears in the credits.
  • There is an exploit that allows the Snoopa to be used indefinitely without having to reload.
  • The Sneeker might be inspired by the Team Fortress Classic's spy class while having the speed of the scout, a game the developers used to play.
  • In early screenshots, the SHC Sneeker used to be grey like the rest of the SHC classes. Though she has been changed to bronze or brown, some of the icons when the player changes stances for the saber in the Future War will still show the early grey SHC Sneeker design.
  • The SHC Sneeker was not the first female SHC member; in the planned Conker: Live & Uncut's multiplayer one of the characters that could have been played as is a female squirrelMedia:CLnU Multiplayer 1.jpg, the only member who would have not been a chipmunk if retained. She wore medical symbols suggesting she is a medic.