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A Tediz Thermophile from the Future War
“The class of choice for the mentally unstable in the ranks. The 'eccentric' Thermophiles love to go nutjob ape-crazy and torch everything in sight with the old Sinurator, and while they may seem relatively weak, they also have the capacity to restore both their own and other soldiers' energy... when they're thinking straight, that is. ”
From the game manual

Thermophiles are a class in Conker: Live & Reloaded.


They appear exclusively in the Xbox Live & Co. mode. Thermophiles are suited for close quarters combat. They carry a "Sinurator" flame thrower, which can fire either flaming Napalm for setting enemies aflame, or Acid for destroying armor. A single Thermophile can engage multiple enemies, but they are limited to short range, are one of the slower moving classes, and are very prone to causing friendly fire. They carry napalm and gas grenades, a Medgun and also have the Self Heal ability. When upgraded, they receive a Frag grenade and a "Fauster" lasergun, which is very powerful against vehicles but awkward to wield and requires pin-point accuracy, for three seconds, to kill infantry.