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Sheriff's speech icon in the Game Boy Color (left) and Game Boy (right) versions

The Sheriff is a character in Conker's Pocket Tales.


The Sheriff is an Acorn friend who is the sheriff of Vultureville. As depicted in his speech icon, the Sheriff dons a cowboy hat and wears a traditional sheriff badge. He has his own building named Sheriff's, which serves as a jail.


Conker first encounters the Sheriff immediately after he first talks to the Undertaker at Boothill Cemetery. The Sheriff accuses Conker of causing trouble around the area and takes him to jail with no explanation. Conker manages to escape from his jail cell, and he goes to the Sheriff to talk to him. The Sheriff admits to Conker that he mistook him for being Honker, and he gives a Present to Conker as an apology for arresting him. The Sheriff tells Conker that he has heard of how he dealt with the Evil Acorn, so he decides to make Conker his deputy. The Sheriff tells Conker to start by going to the bank because he has heard about a stickup happening there.

After Conker defeats Honker in the Bank Shootout, he returns to the Sheriff. He congratulates Conker and refers him to the Vulture Culture might be able to further help him on his journey and know of Berri's whereabouts. The Sheriff has no other role after this.