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Mr. Big Cog

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Mr. Big Cog
Mr Big Cog CBFD.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Cog
Color Gray (Bad Fur Day)
Light blue (Live & Reloaded)
Eye color Black (Bad Fur Day)
Light blue (Live & Reloaded)

Mr. Big Cog, also known as Mister Big Cog,[1] is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Physical traits

Mr. Big Cog is a giant mustached cog with a phallic stump on his mouth.


Carl wakes up on Mr. Big Cog

Mr. Big Cog only appears in the Bats Tower in the chapter of the same name. It is located to the right of the Schizoid Cog. It has no lines and mostly acts a background character.

When Conker spins the stone wheel, Mr. Big Cog, Schizoid Cog, and the Lady Cogs spin around rapidly. The Schizoid Cog spins off his post, and the Lady Cogs beat him up in revenge, specifically because of its abusive personality, Carl. Shortly afterward, Carl wakes up on Mr. Big Cog. He realizes that he was placed on it and says "that's me buggered" (referencing to being sodomized by Mr. Big Cog's post). Carl gets upset and retreats; the Schizoid Cog switches to its other personality, Quentin, who describes the feeling of Mr. Big Cog as "rather delicious".

Mr. Big Cog's eyes were initially wide open, but its gaze became relaxed after the Schizoid Cog was placed on his post.



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