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The Villagers barge into Count Batula's Mansion (Bad Fur Day, left, Live & Reloaded, right)

The Villagers are characters in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Villagers are gray squirrels appearing only in the Spooky chapter. After Conker meets Count Batula, the Villagers enter Count Batula's Mansion on a hunt for Batula. Count Batula bites Conker, who later wakes up as a bat. Count Batula assigns him the task of picking up Villagers and dropping them into a grinder for him to drink their blood.

The Villagers appear in the foyer and the library. Upon noticing Conker, the Villagers attack with pitchforks and spears. Conker can make the Villagers faint by defecating on them. While they lie motionless, Conker can swoop down and pick up the Villager by its leg, then head to the grinder room and drop him or her in its grinder. If another Villager attacks him, Conker drops the carried Villager.

After Batula eats seven villagers, he becomes too overweight for the rope he is tied to, and it snaps. Count Batula claims he ate too much (similar to Marvin of Barn Boys). The rope breaks off, and Batula falls into the grinder and dies.

After inserting the first Key in the foyer's door, Conker can go into the dining room to find a group of Zombies attacking a female Villager. When Zombies turn their attention to Conker, the Villager runs away and falls into a pit near the courtyard.

In the Multi mini-game Beach, the Villagers are known as Frenchies[1] (or Frenchys[2]), and their goal is to avoid the Tediz and return to Paris. The player has the option to play as various Frenchys (male and female), escape from the Tediz and go back into Paris.


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