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Wayne and the Wankas

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Wayne and the Wankas
Wayne and the Wankas CBFD artwork.jpg
Artwork of Wayne and the Wankas for Conker's Bad Fur Day
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Wasp
Color Yellow and black
Eye color Black (pupils)
Yellow irises (L&R only)

Wayne and the Wankas[citation needed] are a group of characters in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


They are a trio of wasps led by Wayne, who has a cigar in his mouth. His two unnamed friends are the other members of the group, one is skinny and the other is fat. They live in the Wasp Hive with the other wasps.

The first chase from Wayne and the Wankas in Live & Reloaded

Wayne and the Wankas first appear when Conker starts the Windy chapter. They are shown to be stealing Mrs. Bee's hive behind Conker's back. In the "Mrs. Bee" segment of Windy, Conker meets Mrs. Bee, who asks him to retrieve her hive from the wasps. Mrs. Bee's hive is located in front of the larger Wasp Hive, where Wayne and the Wankas live.

As soon as Conker picks up Mrs. Bee's hive, Wayne and the Wankas fly out of the Wasp Hive and start to chase after Conker for stealing their "nice new hive". Conker must run back to Mrs. Bee with her hive while avoiding Wayne and the Wankas, who try to charge into Conker by stinging him from above. If Conker is stung, he is slowed down. If Conker is directly hit, he drops the hive, and Wayne and the Wankas take the hive from him and put it back outside of the Wasp Hive. Conker must retry at taking back Mrs. Bee's hive. When Conker successfully returns the hive to Mrs. Bee, she gets into her hive and aims its built-in machine guns at Wayne and the Wankas. One of the wasps gulps just before Mrs. Bee starts to rapid fire. Wayne's two friends are instantly killed. When Wayne is hit, his body starts to smoke, and he manages to fly a slightly farther distance, saying that Mrs. Bee cannot catch him, before being shot as well. After she kills all three wasps, Mrs. Bee explains to Conker that her husband, the King Bee, cheated on her and was not around to protect the hive from the wasps. She then rewards Conker with some Cash for helping her.

Despite being shot into pieces, Wayne and the Wankas manage to survive Mrs. Bee's attack. They make another appearance in the "Wasps' Revenge" segment of Windy, which takes place just after Conker completes the Uga Buga. Mrs. Bee tells Conker that the wasps stole her hive again, this time within their hive. After negotiating a cash reward, Conker goes into the Wasp Hive , climbs into Mrs. Bee hive, and shoots down several of the wasps. After doing so, Conker can start carrying Mrs. Bee's hive back. When Conker picks up the hive again, Wayne and the Wankas reappear, and Wayne tells the other two wasps that he is trying to take Mrs. Bee's hive again. They then proceed to chase after Conker. Wayne and the Wankas are quicker in their attempts to sting Conker than in the first chase. Conker also has to start by running out from the Wasp Hive, which has a narrow path surrounded by a wide gap. If Conker falls down the pit or drops the hive, Wayne and the Wankas reclaim it. When Conker returns to Mrs. Bee's hive, Wayne and the Wankas are shown to be flying above Mrs. Bee's hive, guarding it more closely.

After exiting the Wasp Hive, Conker must continue running from Wayne and the Wankas, just like in the first chapter. When Conker returns the hive to Mrs. Bee, she gets inside and starts to shoot at the wasps, this time with added explosives. The scene is very similar to the one in the "Mrs. Bee" segment, when they were first shot down, except all three wasps are killed entirely from explosives. Wayne manages to fly a short distance before getting killed by an explosive as well.