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Mako Islands

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Mako Islands in Conker's Pocket Tales.
“The tropical paradise of the Mako Islands has inspired many of the Acorn People to begin a new life there.”
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 18

Mako Islands,[1] also known as Mako Island,[2] is a location in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Features and overview

Mako Islands is the fourth world in Conker's Pocket Tales. It takes place on five islands, one of which is the central one, and the others are west, east, north, and south of it respectively. The boss of Mako Islands is Conker's doppelganger, Honker. Unlike other boss fights, the one against Honker takes place within a sub-game, Boat Race, where the goal is for Conker to win against Honker in a boat race. Like Willow Woods, there is a map of Mako Islands, which can be found in every Acorn friend's cabin. The map shows all five islands, six cabins, one of which belongs to Forest Wong and another belongs to Ted. The Acorn friends in each of the four other cabins host their own sub-game. If a cabin has a check mark over it, it means that its sub-game has been completed.

On the Central Island, an Acorn friend tells Conker of an annual boat race that he can participate in. Though to do so, Conker must assemble his own boat from scattered pieces on each island. Conker can earn each piece by competing with Honker in a few sport-related challenges, including swimming, jumping hurdles, long jumps, and a coconut shooter. Afterward, they must both compete in a boat race, which if Conker wins he obtains one of the Keys to the Aztec Temple.




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