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Fangy LnR.png
Fangy in Conker: Live & Reloaded
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Velociraptor
Color Green
Eye color Black (pupils)
Yellow (sclera)
This article is about the green raptor that Conker rides during the Buga the Knut fight. For the purple dinosaur earlier in the chapter, see Fangy (purple dinosaur).

Fangy is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Fangy is a large, green Velociraptor who appears in the Uga Buga chapter. He is a pet of Buga the Knut, who uses him to eat other characters in a Roman-based coliseum. Fangy's behavior replicates that of the lions used in Ancient Rome's Colosseum centuries ago. Fangy has reigns attached below his eyes for a character to control it around, specifically Conker.


In the arena, Buga the Knut requests some entertainment, so he sends out bone club-wielding Uga-Buga soldiers and Fangy to battle Conker. Fangy eats the soldiers and also attempts to injure Conker by chomping away at him. He must run on a B Pad in the center of the field, and pull out his pocketwatch just as Fangy charges at him. Conker waves it in front of Fangy, who watches its back and forth movement.

Conker rides Fangy

Upon successfully training and hypnotizing Fangy, Conker mounts onto him and controls him to run at the Uga-Buga soldiers and eat them. After he eats the first wave, Buga sends out sword-wielding Uga Bugas to battle him and Conker, and third and lastly, spear-throwing Uga-Bugas. If an Uga-Buga attacks Fangy, Conker falls off him accidentally. The likelihood of this increases with each wave of Uga-Bugas. Fangy tries to eat Conker again, but he can be remounted when Conker re-hypnotizes him from the B Pad.

The duo battle Buga the Knut.

After Fangy eats all three waves of Uga-Bugas, Buga panics and decides on fighting Conker and Fangy himself. By this point, Conker had fully earned Fangy's trust, and both agree to fight Buga the Knut. Buga tries to swing his giant bone club at the duo. If he successfully does so, Conker falls off Fangy.

Similar to Franky in the Haybot battle, Fangy follows Conker after he falls off, waiting to be remounted. Additionally, Fangy can survive being squished by Buga, and he only leaves behind a blood splatter. To defeat Buga, Conker must wait for him to prepare swinging his club diagonally, then have Fangy bite his crotch. This makes his loincloth to fall down, and in a context-sensitive moment, Conker must have Fangy bite into Buga's buttocks.

After this is done three times, Buga runs out of the stadium, and Conker plans to meet his girlfriend, Jugga. Fangy had grown to Conker, and follows him like a loyal pet. Conker requests for Fangy to stay behind, and he originally agrees but then follows Conker again. Conker gets irritated and tricks Fangy into a game of fetch: he picks up a bone from a dead, half-eaten Uga-Buga and throws it behind the drawbridge. Fangy runs after it, and the door closes behind him. He is not seen again.

While Fangy does not appear in the Raptor mini-game of Multi, similar raptors appear in this mode. The objective is for players, as Uga-Bugas, to steal their eggs and avoid being eaten by them. Raptors are also playable in the Temple stage of Deathmatch.