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Don Weaso

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Don Weaso
Don Weaso.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Weasel
Color Brown-tan
Eye color Unknown
“People have gotta show the appropriate levels of respect. When you step outta line, you can expect to be respected back. One of you guys has shown no respect. Who it is? I don't know.”
Don Weaso, Conker's Bad Fur Day

Don Weaso is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Don Weaso is a weasel and the boss of the Weasel Mafia. His mafia's headquarters are located in the Uga Buga chapter. He is the proprietor of the Rock Solid night club, which also appears in that chapter.

Don Weaso wears black clothes, and wears sunglasses to obscure his eyes. He also walks around with a cigar. His personality is shown to be abusive, as he usually beats up his lackeys. One of Weaso's noticeable traits is his love for money. He is based on Don Corleone from The Godfather series, specifically from his talking style. Aside from being a typical mobster, Weaso is also inspired by Italian mafia dons.


Don Weaso assigns Conker with his first task.

Berri was originally kidnapped by Stone Giants, at the orders of Don Weaso. However, Weaso is first seen in a later part of the Uga Buga chapter, after Conker is escorted to his office for attempting to steal his Cash bundle. Conker meets Don Weaso and the Weasel Mafia, who organize meetings inside the location.

After she escaped from Rock Solid, Berri became an aide of Don Weaso, to Conker's disappointment. Weaso points out that she does not recognize Conker. This is revealed earlier because of his headgear. Weaso resumes his meeting with his henchmen, where he mentions that one of them has "shown disrespect". He mentions that it could have been Frankie or Chicho, but then suddenly shows up to Paulie, who is revealed as the culprit. Don Weaso beats him to death with a Baseball Bat.

Afterward, Don Weaso assigns Conker with a task to kill the entire Uga race, as he finds them "out of place. He gives a Bomb to Conker, who quickly runs to a cliff at the other end of the Dragon Statue, and he successfully kills off the entire Uga-Buga race.

The Panther King pays a bounty to Don Weaso.

Don Weaso later appears in the final chapter, Heist. He assigns Conker with another task to rob the Cash from the Feral Reserve Bank, along with Berri. This plot was later revealed to be a trap devised by the Panther King. Don Weaso was working for the Panther King, who then paid him a bounty of Cash. The Panther King orders him to kill Berri, whom he shoots to death. Shortly afterward, when Heinrich hatches from the Panther King's chest, Don Weaso flees behind the Panther King's seat. It is unknown if he remained in the location, and therefore would be eventually vacuumed in space with Professor Von Kriplespac and the corpses of Berri and the Panther King.

Don Weaso and his Weasel Mafia's role is revealed in the Multi game, Heist, in which they are the main characters. In it, he instructs the four Weasels (which are each playable by a character) instructions to grab money from the bank and return it to their safe. Most of Weaso's opening dialogue is taken word-by-word from the film Reservoir Dogs. After the mini-game, Don Weaso takes the winning member out for a drink, and it is also implied that he promoted the winner. The other three have cement blocks attached to their feet and are pushed into the water to drown.



Don Weaso and the Pikachu Tail in the ECTS 2000 build.
  • The cutscene of Conker's meeting with Don Weaso is longer in the ECTS 2000 build of Conker's Bad Fur Day. An infamous, unused cutscene hidden in the game data shows a Pikachu (only seen by its tail) approaching Weaso's desk as he talks to Conker. Weaso beats the Pikachu, which then runs off. Weaso references the tagline "you gotta catch 'em all". Chris Seavor stated on Twitter that the cutscene was removed at Nintendo's request because they "weren't too keen on having their baby bashed".[1]
    • Additionally, the cutscene also directly implied that Weaso beat Paulie for a similar reason to Conker, because Paulie attempted to steal Weaso's Cash (which he calls "dough").


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