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Mr. Barrel

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Mr. Barrel
Mr Barrel LnR.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Unknown
Color Brown (barrel)
“Want to go for a ride?”
Mr. Barrel

Mr. Barrel[1] is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Mr. Barrel offers Conker to ride on him.

Mr. Barrel is a mysterious character who hides inside a barrel. He appears in the Windy and Spooky chapters. Mr. Barrel's role is to have Conker ride on him down narrow and spiraling paths, specifically to avoid being attacked by Earthworms.

In the Windy chapter, Conker can find Mr. Barrel at the top of a spiraling hill, which is guarded by Earthworms. Mr. Barrel sits outside the entrance to the Windmill. Conker is required to ride Mr. Barrel down the hill, as this allows him to access the Spooky chapter. Mr. Barrel only allows him for a ride if Conker pays $2,110 in Cash. At the earliest, Conker can receive this amount after completing the Uga Buga chapter.

When Conker pays Mr. Barrel, he lies on his side for Conker to hop onto. He gets on the center of Mr. Barrel and runs to move both of them forward. Conker also does this to keep his balance. They must both ride down the spiraling hill. As they go down, Mr. Barrel kills the Earthworms by riding over them. When they reach the end of the spiral, Mr. Barrel flies up and breaks open the wooden planks that previously prevented Conker from accessing Windy.

Conker rides Mr. Barrel down a pathway outside Count Batula's Mansion.

Mr. Barrel somehow manages to appear in the foyer of Count Batula's Mansion during the Spooky chapter; unlike Windy, he has no lines of speech. He waits inside the Foyer for Conker to unlock the front door using all three Keys. After doing so, he is able to ride on Mr. Barrel. Just like Earthworms, Mr. Barrel can also squish and kill Zombies in the foyer. When they go outside, Conker must carefully steer Mr. Barrel around the narrow path while crushing the skeletal Earthworms.

After the pathway, Conker must lead Mr. Barrel down a sidewalk in the village and into the water. Conker must keep moving forward until reaching a patch of land at the end, up a short stream. Mr. Barrel breaks upon reaching the land. Whenever he breaks, Mr. Barrel respawns back at the end sidewalk of the dock for Conker to hop onto again.

In Conker: Live & Reloaded, Mr. Barrel can also run over the Dolls placed along the path.


  • Even after Conker pays Mr. Barrel, he retains the same amount of Cash. It is unknown how Conker recovered the Cash, as they were not seen returning to him.
  • "The Old Chap" theme plays when Conker rides Mr. Barrel in Windy. It is also used when Conker urinates on the Fire Imps in Bats Tower chapter. This theme originated from Twelve Tales: Conker 64, when Conker moved around on a zipline.
  • During Conker's Bad Fur Day's development, Mr. Barrel supposed to be a fat rat inside the barrel.[2]