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Dusty's speech icon in the Game Boy Color version (left) and Game Boy version (right).

Dusty is a character in Conker's Pocket Tales.


Dusty is one of the Acorn friends living in Vultureville. He runs a business named Dusty's, which bears his name. Dusty has the same speech icon as the Blacksmith.

At first, Dusty, like the other Acorn friends, instructs Conker to look for the Undertaker. Later on, after Conker is instructed by the Vulture Culture to search for gold, he goes around Vultureville to ask others where he can find some. When Conker visits Dusty, he tells Conker to check beyond the river. After interacting with the Forest Wong, Conker goes to the Blacksmith in search of a pan. The Blacksmith tells Conker to go ask Dusty for one. When Conker visits Dusty's, he finds two Bats in the building. Dusty refuses to help Conker unless he defeats both Bats. Once both are defeated, Dusty thanks Conker and gives him a tankard for the Blacksmith to use. After this, Dusty does not have any other role.