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Bugger Lugs

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Bugger Lugs
Bugger Lugs.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Bull
Color Black
Eye color Red

Bugger Lugs is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Physical traits

Bugger Lugs is a large and black bull. Bugger Lugs has red eyes. He has horns with black tips at the end, and has a gray muzzle.

In Live & Reloaded, Bugger Lugs received an updated appearance, ironically with more red attributes. He has gotten a nose ring, a red horseshoe imprint on his frontal left leg, white hooves (which were originally black), black muzzle (originally gray), and blood at the tip of his horns.


Bugger Lugs hates the color red, like many stereotypical bullfighting bulls, and therefore hates presence of Conker, who is a red squirrel. Bugger Lugs got his name from Daisy, but she is likely insulting him as "bugger lugs" is a phrase used to describe a grumpy and rude character.


Bugger Lugs states his dislike for the color red.

Bugger Lugs is encountered in a large, grassy field in the highest level of the Poo Cabin during the Windy chapter. He asks him for some poo, which a Dung Beetle requested that he look for. Bugger Lugs ignores him and states his hatred of the color red. Conker realizes his red fur, as he is a red squirrel.

Conker heads up a pathway on the left side of the stadium and lets out Prune Juice. This causes a target to appear. Conker must go to the center grassy field and trick Bugger Lugs into hitting the target to open a gate. The background music changes from silence with bird chirps to Spain bullfight-type music. Bugger Lugs quickly runs around the stadium while attempting to ram into Conker, and if successful has Conker flying and hitting the area's enclosure. Every time Conker successfully evades Bugger Lugs, a sound effect plays, where an audience says ¡Olé! plays, just like in real bullfights.

The gate opens when Bugger Lugs pushes in the target, and a cow named Daisy walks out from it. She decides to eat patches of grass, and Conker tries to get her to drink Prune Juice. He tries to ride Bugger Lugs, so he tricks him into hitting a wooden wall with a target painted on it. Bugger Lugs's horns get stuck in it, and then Conker hops on his back.

As Conker sits on Bugger Lugs, he uses his horns to steer him, which is challenging. The player can press the B Button button to ram Bugger Lugs into Daisy. This makes her upset, and she loses her appetite. She decides to drink the Prune Juice, which gives her severe diarrhea. Daisy rushes to defecate down the grate, in the center of the arena. Conker must get Bugger Lugs to ram into Daisy to kill her. The barn closes, and Conker has to repeat the process on the second and third cows Mavis and Olive, except that he must get Bugger Lugs to hit the second cow twice and the third cow three times for them to drink Prune Juice.

After he kills the third cow, Bugger Lugs stands on the center grate, which breaks as it cannot hold his weight. He then collapses into the now-flooded Poo Cabin and dies. Conker later finds his dead body floating deep underwater in the Poo Cabin.