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Conker's Big Reunion

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Conker's Big Reunion
Conkers Big Reunion.png
Developer(s) Team Dakota
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Programmer(s) Jason Major, Søren Hannibal
Designer(s) Bradley Rebh
Composer(s) Bradley Shuber
Release date Worldwide:
April 23, 2015
Genre Platformer, Action
Content ratings Unknown
System Xbox One
Microsoft Windows (8.1 & 10)

Conker's Big Reunion was a third person action platformer released as a paid DLC, which later became free, for the game Project Spark. It was developed by Team Dakota and released in April of 2015 for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 10. The game takes place 10 years after the events of Conker's Bad Fur Day, and features familiar characters, such as Birdy and the Tediz.

Conker's Big Reunion was supposed to be an episodic campaign, but when Team Dakota announced that Project Spark would become a completely free game with no more paid DLCs, the other episodes of Conker's Big Reunion were cancelled. The only episode to release was Conker's Big Reunion: Episode 1, along with the Conker: Play & Create Bundle.



The following is the in-game description for Conker's Big Reunion:

It's been 10 long years since Conker the Squirrel was crowned king of the land. To celebrate, Conker is hosting a big reunion at his favorite watering hole, the Cock and Plucker.

Of course, Conker's already been... um... celebrating. So, he's going to need your help getting to the party!

- Meet up with friends like Birdy the Scarecrow and share some laughs!
- Run, jump and tail glide over perilous hazards!
- Smash, blast, and shred enemies with zany weapons!
- Use Context Sensitive skills to solve puzzles!
- Collect cash to fatten your wallet and get rich!

Ten years after the events of Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker decides to host a reunion at the Cock and Plucker. Although hosting said event, Conker ends up having a hangover and being late to the reunion. After Birdy wakes him up, Conker gets dressed and takes pills to feel better. At the bar, Birdy tells Conker that he needs to pay the tab of 300$ before going inside. While leaving, Birdy drops a Fajo the Money worth 300$ on the ground, which gets stolen by a group of Tediz. The fiends then runs away in three separate locations, each having 100$ in their possessions.

One path leads to a Tediz secret lab, which consists of a first-person rail shooter where Conker needs to shoot near Tediz, and a boss against the Tediz Abomination. Another path leads to the Tediz brewery, where a stash of money is located at the end of the platforming challenge. The last path leads to a forest that the Tediz are deforesting, which Conker must sneak around like the Metal Gear franchise, and a boss fight against the Chainsaw Tediz.

After getting the required amount of money, Conker goes back to the Cock and Plucker, noticing the Tediz have installed a lot of dynamite to blow up the entire bar. Using the near beer barrels to get drunk, Conker urinates on the lit fuses to stop the explosion, and then on Birdy himself after getting attacked by a cocktail molotov from a Tediz. After saving the Cock and Plucker, and Birdy's life, Conker notices a note on the door from his now ex-friends, saying they were tired of Conker's stunts and antics, and decided to have their own reunion elsewhere without telling him. With the Cock and Plucker closed early, and all of his friends now hating him, Conker wonders what he did wrong that he can't remember.



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